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NCC Announces New Tariff Regime For Special Numbers


The Nigerian Communications Commission has announced a new tariff regime on Special Numbering Services (SNS) in Nigeria which will take effect from November 1.

According to NCC, there are currently only 25 active licensees rendering this service, adding that the service became out of reach to subscribers due to charges by operators and that revenue generated by the service provider(s) was also very poor.

In a document released on the NCC website, the new tariff regime was due to the high cost of interconnecting tariffs and settlements on the 0700 and 0800 lines also the high charges to the subscribers, occasioned by high termination cost, discouraged the use of the service, which led to a near collapse of the market segment.

To revamp the segment, NCC said it engaged relevant stakeholders, intending to arrive at a Cost Based Determination that would address the challenges.

In the document, titled: ‘Determination of Mobile (Voice) Termination Rate for Special Numbering Services Segment,’ dated September 24, 2022, and signed by Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, the commission said:

“The tariff to be charged for the Non-Toll-Free Number is N12.00.This is broken down as follows: Total Price/Minute = Floor Price + MNO Margin + VAS Charge + VAT =N6.40+N2.77+N2.00+N0.83 =N12.00

“The tariff to be charged for the Toll-Free Number is N10.75. This is broken down as follows: Total Price/ Minute=Floor Price+ MNO Margin + VAS Charge+ VAT =N6.40+ N1.40 + N2.00 + N0.75=N10.75.”

“This determination shall take effect from November 1, 2022, and shall remain in force until reviewed/amended by the commission.

“The commission reserves the right to amend this determination at any time, especially where there are significant changes to the input parameters.”

The SNS is a Value Added Service introduced into the Nigerian market in 2006 to make communication easier for companies and individuals, who would want customised and memorable ways of reaching out to them, such as 0700CALLNCC.

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