Baobab+ Celebrates Two Years In Nigeria, Launches IZILI (Pay-As-You-Go) Smartphone Offer


Baobab+, the leading distributor of solar home systems in Western Africa and Madagascar is celebrating two years of operation in Nigeria.

As part of activities to mark the anniversary, the company announced the launch of IZIL smartphone brand with an offer of Pay-As-You-Go flexible financing solution for customers who are not able to afford a smartphone and pay at once.

According to the company, the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) technology breaks down the cost barrier as it allows the customer to make daily, weekly or monthly payments according to his/her cash flow, in order to activate their product along the way to gaining ownership.

To achieve this, the company partnered with PAGA to enable a seamless repayment approach for its customers.  The energy solutions are cost-effective to provide support to the national electrification plan in Nigeria. Their product range starts with a solar home system providing access to light and radio to TV systems.

Baobab+ has equipped thousands of households and served several beneficiaries in the past two years. They are currently active in three states, Lagos, Ogun & Oyo, where they sell products through the last mile distribution agent network, door to door in rural communities and underserved areas.

The CEO of Baobab+ Nigeria, Kolawole Osinowo, said, “For Baobab+, access to energy is also a springboard to enable every African household to take part in the digital revolution. To cater to the needs of customers who are not able to afford a smartphone at a one of purchase price, we are launching our flexible financing solution. Our Izili (pay small small) offer is an easy payment structure that allows customers to own a mobile phone with a 20% down payment and pay instalments for  3-6 months. This offer will be launched on November 25th.

“Our vision is to accelerate access to clean modern energy and digital technologies for sustainable impact. In the last couple of years, we have provided access to energy in fighting poverty through our Pay-as-you-go offering which in turn leads to financial inclusion. PAYG offers clients their first credit history and makes them eligible for financial products. Our goal is to ensure we leverage our energy ecosystem to provide access to digital transformation especially in underserved areas with the launch of the Baobab+ Digital IZILI.”

Launched in 2015 and operating in six African countries, Baobab+ Group has equipped more than 110,000 households with digital solutions.

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