Ahead Of The Town Hall Meeting With MIPAN, ARCON DG Reiterates Commitment To Continuous Engagement With Stakeholders

Dr Olalekan Fadolapo, DG, ARCON.

The Director-General of the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, ARCON, Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo has reiterated the regulatory agency’s commitment to the continuous engagement with all stakeholders in the advertising industry.

The Director-General who made this known ahead of the town hall meeting with stakeholders of the Media Independent Practitioners association of Nigeria (MIPAN) billed for tomorrow,  revealed that the engagement is apart of an ongoing effort to acquaint stakeholders with the new ARCON laws, unbundle its ramifications among others.

While fielding questions from journalists a few days earlier at the just concluded National Advertising Conference held in Abuja, Dr. Olalekan had said that the primary purpose intent for the stakeholder engagements is to unbundle the body of laws as they affect the advertising.

“We need to understand that there are challenges in the industry and we also need to understand that technology is disrupting this space and traditional advertising is been challenged in all areas -space, operations, and operators. In engaging stakeholders, we are also trying, as ARCON, to work together with them in surmounting some of these challenges,” he said.

Speaking further on the importance of engaging the advertising ecosystem, Dr. Fadolapo noted that the regulatory agency is ready to always sit on the roundtable with stakeholders but will not shy away from ‘barring its teeth’ when the occasion demands it.

Using the allusion of the Martin Luther King Jr and Malcom X approach to engagement, he explained that the agency-like Martin Luther is always ready to sit at the roundtable to discuss solutions to the myriads of industry problems. But for others who will want to take the Malcom X approach in addressing issues, the agency is poised to use everything at its disposal to relate to such.

“One thing I need to say is that we have not taken one single step without involving people. Now the people involved. We have ensured that we carried stakeholders along in everything that we do because we know they need to have a say in what will affect them.

“Although we are not obligated to do this, we will always put human face in the policies we make and test them. We do understand that interests will differ, though we try to find a common ground, one where the interest of the nation and the economy as well as the Nigerian people is not affected,” he said.

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