Elev8media Introduces Product Sampling Advertisement Strategy


Breaking boundaries in the world of OOH advertising…

A consistently innovative outdoor advertising company and a major player in the Nigerian advertising sector, Elev8media Advertising Limited has premiered a new strategy to include product sampling as a value-added service at CMS in Marina, Lagos State.

According to the company, Elev8media is the first OOH advertisement Company in Nigeria to provide product sampling as a value-added service for her existing clients, and this inaugural event was successfully concluded with more than 900 units of product placed with potential users.

This significant addition to the world of OOH advertising adds practicality to the advertisement and provides a deeper experience to the audience.

Introducing the purpose of the service, the company’s CEO, Funmilade Alalade said “…with exception to the experience of sight, taste, and feel is left out in the world of OOH. We show the audience an expectation in picture and video format with our channels, and that was the limit. But through a few samplings, we have attempted to go a step further and the response was worth it. Our data shows benefits for both the manufacturer of a product or service and the potential users…”

He stated further; “Our clients did not request this, we conceptualized this service as a value adds, and why not? If you can dare to make a product or service and promise any expectation to the public, you can be willing to let the users have a small taste before they invest…and we should partner with our clients on this. For the advertiser, in that time, we have a moment to tell the product story to the audience present…it is a fusion of sight, sound and taste”.

This inaugural edition was centered on the Company’s client; Dettolnigeria. The event witnessed the placement of 900 Dettol bath soaps (all available Dettol soap brands) in the hands of the Lagosians present at the Elev8media Advertising Billboard Site at CMS Marina and its environs. The products were handed out to pedestrians and motorists alike by the staff of Elev8media Advertising Limited. The event which was covered by the Company’s Camera drone lasted for 30 minutes and for the duration of the event, only campaigns for Dettolnigeria were displayed on the Elev8media digital screen on site.

To provide well thought out considerations and wholesome additions have been a part of the Company; Elev8media Advertising Limited’s dream for advertisement in Nigeria. For this purpose, product sampling has come to stay with Elev8media as a value-added service. The next event will in line with the inaugural edition be amply advertised via the company’s public channels and data shared to the extent possible.

Elev8media Advertising Limited which was founded in 2007 has received several accolades and is recognized in Nigeria as a strong voice in the advertisement sector. It is featured in several articles by recognized voices in the media and communication sector such as Businessday news, Marketing Edge, and ***. The company’s mission is to play a great part in shaping the future of Advertisement in Africa, such that businesses can effectively communicate with the required quantity and quality of audience in record time without compromising the well-being and gains of the audience.

Elev8media currently offers its services to a large cross-section of the Nigerian business sector and is dynamic and fast-paced in its growth. The company encourages growth in other Nigerian small businesses and to this end, Elev8media has solely provided two (2) advertisement-based SME Support funding programs in years 2020 and 2022 of N40, 000,000 (Forty Million Naira) and N85, 000,000.00 (Eighty Five Million Naira) respectively. For more information about Elev8media; visit the company’s website at www.elev8.com.ng and @elev8media social media pages on Instagram and Twitter, or send an email to [email protected].

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