Pepsi Unveils New Logo And Visual Identity Ahead 125th Anniversary


Pepsi, one of the world’s most iconic brands, has undergone a major redesign of its logo and visual identity system ahead of its 125th anniversary.

The new brand identity was revealed by Mauro Porcini, the SVP and Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo, who described it as “unapologetically current and undeniably Pepsi”.

The new logo features a blend of the Pepsi wordmark and globe, painted in black and blue, which radiates into the world with a new, ownable pulse.

Making the comments on his LinkedIn handle, Porcini wrote that the ‘Pepsi Pulse’ represents the connection between the physical and virtual worlds, making the brand even more accessible to its customers. “Because you can’t design a brand today without thinking of how it will come to life in the virtual world made of bits and bytes. Even the flavors – flavours like cherry or mango – are not anymore a mere variation with a descriptor of the core design: we unleash the visual power of those flavors, they stand proud and bold, with an explosion of energy, on packaging, on merchandising, and in the digital realm.”

He added that the new visual identity system will be rolled out on packaging, equipment, fashion, and even flavors like cherry and mango. He further revealed that the new design is a modern and original way to connect the brand’s heritage with its bold vision for the future.

Expressing his gratitude to the PepsiCo design team, marketing team, and partners who have supported the project over the years, Porcini wrote; “As a child growing up in a small town in the north of Italy, as a designer moving his first steps in the world of creativity in the wonderful city of Milan, I would have never imagined that one day I would had the privilege of rethinking one of the most known and loved brand in the world. And it’s been a labor of #love, indeed, for the past several years.

“For this I want to thank, from the depth of my heart, our incredible PepsiCo design team, our bold Pepsi marketing team, and all the partners that in the past years have supported us in this journey, and all the others that will help us in the coming months to bring to life a project of a magnitude and scale that is difficult to comprehend,” he enthused.

He also revealed that beginning this September, Pepsi fans will start to find the new identity on their usual cans and bottles, as well as on the company’s sustainable Sodastream platform, where they can customize their own Pepsi and enjoy it with reusable bottles.

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