Jameson, Tiger Beer, Spotify, Coca-Cola, Showmax To Launch 3D Campaigns On Nigeria’s First Truecorner 3D Digital Billboard


With the launch of Nigeria’s first True-corner 3D digital billboard – The Maslow, billed for next week, partner launch brands like Jameson, Tiger Beer, Spotify, Coca-Cola, and Showmax are gearing up to showcase their creative and innovative 3D campaigns on the screen.

The longer 24-second display slot available on The Maslow has given these brands the opportunity to captivate their target audience on the screen more creatively and create unforgettable experiences.

Industry watchers are excited on the prospect of seeing what Jameson, a popular Irish whiskey brand known for its engaging campaigns, will put on the board. Tiger Beer, a beer brand with a reputation for creating immersive experiences for its audience, and their 3D content is sure to be no exception.

Spotify, a music streaming platform, has been known to create memorable campaigns that make their audience feel like they are part of something bigger. Coca-Cola, a global beverage brand and renowned for its unforgettable campaigns expected to create an engaging 3D campaign that resonates with its audience, while Showmax, a popular streaming platform, is expected to create a campaign that showcases their diverse content offerings.

As the project progresses, it’s expected that these brands will share more about their 3D campaigns, giving the audience a sneak peek into what they can expect to see on The Maslow. The launch of The Maslow will mark a new frontier for long-awaited interaction in the DOOH space in Nigeria, and Alpha and Jam is set to deliver a truly remarkable 3D Digital billboard innovation.

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