Nigeria’s First True-Corner 3D Digital Billboard ‘The Maslow’ Set To Revolutionize Advertising


As demands for new innovation in the DOOH (Digital Out of Home) space increases, Alpha and Jam is set to deliver a 3D digital billboard innovation which will open the frontiers for long-awaited interaction in the DOOH space in Nigeria.

The Maslow, the largest airport digital billboard in Africa and Nigeria’s first true-corner 3D digital billboard, will be launched in just seven days by Alpha and Jam, in partnership with MMA2.

The billboard is set to revolutionize advertising in Nigeria, providing a platform for creative and innovative 3D campaigns from partner launch brands Like Jameson, Tiger Beer, Spotify, Coca-Cola and Showmax.

The Maslow offers a 24-second long slot display, which is longer than the regular 10 or 12-second display common in the industry, allowing brands more time to captivate their target on the screen, especially with 3D content.

This is industry first is made possible by a special build of the content management system that powers the screen.

Once completed, the Maslow will have the title of the largest airport digital screen in Africa and the first true-corner-led digital screen in Nigeria and West Africa. Nigeria will join leading media countries with operational True-corner 3D digital billboards, putting the country at the forefront of innovative advertising technology.

Alpha and Jam is Africa’s leading media technology ooh group with an operational presence across 6 African countries in Africa. For more information about the project visit or

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