The Launch Of SBC x Eat‘N’Go Partnership – Creativity At It’s Best


In a highly competitive marketplace, creativity can help brands differentiate themselves from their competitors. By taking a unique approach to their marketing efforts, brands can capture customers’ attention and make a lasting impression.

This was reaffirmed recently as Seven-Up Bottling Company, one of Nigeria’s leading beverage businesses, creatively unveiled a customer-centric partnership with Eat‘N’Go, a leading quick-service restaurant chain in Nigeria. This partnership aims to provide consumers with a range of high-quality beverages and water from SBC’s portfolio that complement the food & treat options available at any Eat‘N’Go outlet across Nigeria.

In recent times, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their customers and engage them in exciting ways. One of the latest examples of this trend is the #ConfamCollabo campaign initiated by SBC and Eat ‘N’ Go, which was creatively packaged with top-notch social media engagements to implant its message, drive anticipation and dial up the buzz for its unveiling last week. Within a few hours of the campaign launch, #ConfamCollabo was quick to top Twitter trends with thousands of mentions.

Prior to its official announcement, the two brands led a collaboration with influencers, social blogs, web blogs, and its Brand Ambassadors who have significant following across their social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to create and drive conversations that highlight the partnership. This was done by asking their consumer on social to share their favourite meal combination using the #confamcollabo.

While the campaign was teased across social, the brand activated OOH channels with a series of teaser materials on Out-of-Home billboards which sparked the curiosity of users and commuters at different strategic locations with high traffic. To further amplify the conversation across social, some of Naija’s biggest Influencers jumped in on the conversation trend, this led to popular social media handles such as Instablog9ja, Kraks TV, and Pulse picking the trend and sharing the aggregated tweets for its over six million audiences posing the question, “You think you have heard it all when it comes to food collabs? While also imploring them to share their own #ConfamCollabo in the comment section. The post on Instablog9ja generated thousands of impressions with over 1200 comments with people sharing their food combinations. This estimated reached over by the brands were able to creatively reach over 20 million people.

To climax the online pre-launch activation, popular influencer, BOD Republic, tweeted, “A Hot, Cheesy, and Delicious Domino’s Chicken Suya Pizza and Ice Cold Refreshing Pepsi with all the Fizz. Now that’s a #ConfamCollabo. This was followed by a short video featuring a virtual collaboration between Domino’s Pizza and Pepsi from a product designer named Immanuel Pison while quoting BOD Republic’s tweet with the caption, “When I saw this vivid description, I knew I just had to design this for the love of Domino’s & Pepsi. And guess what I found out? Domino’s + Pepsi is actually DOPE. Show love. Please RT aggressively till @Pepsi_Naija and @dominosng see this #ConfamCollabo.”

Reacting to the design, a tweet from the official handle of @Dominosng read, “OMG! Seen this? @Pepsi_Naija. This is really DOPE! Can we CONFAM this? #ConfamCollabo.” In response to Domino’s tweet, Pepsi Naija tweeted, “This is definitely DOPE collabo. Let’s confam it! #ConfamCollabo.” It is safe to say that the responses signalled the beginning of the official unveiling of the partnership between the two brands.

Following the buzz across social media for the campaign, both brands hosted members of the press, stakeholders, and friends in Ikoyi, Lagos, the next day to mark the official announcement of the ‘ConfamCollabo’ partnership.

This collaboration which officially started on Thursday, April 6, 2023, will see Seven-Up Bottling Company provide an exclusive supply of a range of its iconic brands, including Pepsi, Mirinda, Lipton Ice Tea, 7Up, Mountain Dew, Teem, Supa Komando Energy Drink, Rockstar Energy Drink, H2O, and Aquafina premium drinking water to customers at Eat ‘N’ Go restaurants across Nigeria. The partnership ensures that customers will have access to the best beverage brands to complement their meals, and it reflects Seven-Up Bottling Company’s commitment to providing high-quality, refreshing beverages that enhance the overall experience for its consumers.

Speaking on the partnership, the General Manager-Marketing of SBC, Segun Ogunleye said SBC is excited about this collaboration because the brand’s signature drinks will perfectly compliment the delicious menu offerings at Eat’N’Go outlets, giving customers better value, and more refreshment flavour choices, leading to 100% wholesome experience.

“We have been in talks with Eat‘N’Go on the partnership for about three years. With this partnership, customers will continue to experience Confirmed enjoyment from the combination of Domino’s Pizza and Pepsi as well as other refreshing food, drinks, and treat combos with Coldstone and Pinkberry. Definitely, this collaboration between these renowned consumer-centric brands will give Nigerians value, more refreshments, and nutrition. This is indeed the Confam Collabo we have all been waiting for,” said Ogunleye.

Also, speaking on the collaboration, the Chief Executive Officer of Eat ‘N’ Go Africa, Patrick McMichael, said the partnership solidifies the company’s status in the QSR market and will improve customers’ experience at its outlets across the country.

“This is a collaboration of two companies that are innovative and customer-focused. As an organization, Eat ’N’ Go is driven by the passion to give customers the best flavour choices and best products, hence, we continuously explore innovative ways to keep improving our menu offerings. This Confam Collabo is a testament to our appetite to continue to focus on our customers.”

SBC Marketing Team at the unveiling of ‘ConfamCollabo’ between Seven Up Bottling Company and Eat’N’Go Africa in Lagos recently.

At the event launch, SBC’s Brand Ambassadors across all its influencers were present to create real-time engaging content, such as videos and photos that were shared on their respective social media platforms.

To amplify the partnership post-event, the brands used a combination of influencers, billboards, media, and Instagram to create a lasting impact using the #ConfamCollabo. By leveraging these channels, the brands extended the reach of the event and connected with a wider audience.

An LED Board at a strategic location in Lagos displaying the partnership advert material.

The partnership between Seven-Up Bottling Company and Eat ‘N’ Go Restaurant is an excellent example of how collaborations between companies in different industries can creatively create a buzz and reinforce their messages in the minds of their target audience. With this partnership, Seven-Up Bottling Company and Eat’N’Go Restaurant are set to take the Nigerian food and beverage industry by storm. All we can do right now is anticipate the excellent offers and promos that are guaranteed by the brands.

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