Babaeko Set To Unveil His First Book – The Power Of African Brands


Steve Babaeko, the highflying Chief Creative Officer of X3M Ideas Group and President of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria (AAAN) is not a man known for flippant declarations.

At the last ARCON Annual Advertising Industry Colloquium held at the Lagos Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja Lagos about four weeks ago, he made a declaration that elicited a thunderous ovation from the audience. It was a declaration he has never made before and even after that event.

“My first book would be coming out very soon, and it is titled, “The Power Of African Brands” he declared. The loud ovation must have reflected the huge expectation from an industry where documentation of experiences is not really common.

Indeed, Babaeko was responding to huge disappointment expressed by the keynote speaker at the event, Idorenyen Enang over the failure of most industry players to document their experiences especially when it is clear that it would be very useful for young practitioners, students, and the future generation.

“The absence of documented experiences of most industry practitioners- marketing, PR, advertising, etc. is really an unhealthy trend that must be checked if we want to truly protect the future of this great industry in Nigeria,” Enang stressed.

The keynote speaker, Enang, while commending the remarkable partnerships with some private universities also decried the low level of partnerships with public higher institutions.

Responding to the need for partnerships and collaboration, Bababeko revealed that he and his organization has 16 years of unbroken relationship with the University of Ibadan that has been on since 2007. “It is nice to note that Some participants from our first creative workshop in 2007 are creative directors in some agencies today, and we also have a director in our company that is a product of that 2007 workshop” Babaeko revealed.

Responding to complaints from some lecturers on the absence of case studies and experiences that the lecturers can utilize as they share knowledge, Babaeko promised that he would anchor a periodical that would be available before the next assembly that would complement what ARCON is planning and the lecturers would find very useful.

Steve Babaeko is renowned for creativity and consistency as he has successfully taken his agency to greater heights, establishing X3M Ideas in other African countries to serve the business interest of the agency across the continent.

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