NIMN Conference Will Be Convergence Point To Dissect New Order For Individuals, Brands, And The Entity Called Nigeria- Enang


The President of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), Idorenyen Enang has revealed that this year’s NIMN Conference, taking place in Abuja on June 22nd and 23rd will be a unique opportunity for all stakeholders to converge and brainstorm on a new order that will deepen the marketing industry and offer a sustainable framework for Brand Nigeria.

Mr. Enang was responding in an exclusive chat with Brand Communicator to what the Industry and Nigerians generally should be expecting from this year’s conference that would be taking place just a few weeks after the inauguration of a new government in Nigeria.

In Mr. Enang’s words, “If you recall last year, we were really digging into the area of technology. This year, the theme of the conference is ‘The Role Of Marketing And Ethics In Nation Building’. The topic is quite interesting because it will be leading us into the state of affairs across businesses, entities, and people.”

“On the first day, we plan to hold the conference in the morning starting from 10 am while later in the evening we will be having our fellow’s night where we would interact and share some views. This segment should equally be exciting because we have had it for about two years. 

“In summary, what will come through on that first day in the morning will be the presentations at the conference, then the induction of associate and full members that are coming in, we also hope to induct some fellows at the fellow’s night.

“For the main event we are looking at having two segments with speakers and panelists and we really have a line-up of seasoned speakers from the industry, the academia, and many other relevant areas. On one hand, we will be looking at the role of marketing, and on the other hand, we will be looking at ethics as a catalyst in nation-building.

“We have a very vibrant planning committee led by Mrs. Chioma Afe and they are very active and busy to ensure that we have a perfect event.

In addition to the event flow, Mr. Enang said, “The public sector will be actively involved as we are having guests across the private and public sectors. We have also reached out to the parastatals and ministries across board, we have sent out letters of invitation and we hope to ensure that we effectively contribute our quota to nation-building.

“So far, the fundamental change is that we would have our first induction at the conference, and another induction will hold later in the year around November/December.

“Day two will be our AGM in the morning which will consist of just members .it will be more social and there will also be something like a marketers’ night-out that evening. We are really taking time to ensure that we have a memorable and impactful conference next month.” He added.

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