The Power of Branding: Leveraging Hilda Bassey’s Cook-a-thon to Create a Lasting Impact


Ayoola Ogunyomi is the Head, Media and Marketing for Blockchain and Digital currency company, Patricia Technologies. In this piece, he shares his view on the groundbreaking recording-breaking feat by Nigeria’s Hilda ‘Baci’ Bassey who ‘cooked’ her way into the Guinness Book of World Records, yesterday.

By Ayoola Ogunyomi

Hilda Bassey, the culinary maestro, has ignited a frenzy with her audacious attempt to break the world Guinness record through an awe-inspiring cook-a-thon. As a brand and marketing expert, I visited Amore Gardens, the epicentre of this event, and came away with several noteworthy observations that shed light on the immense branding potential surrounding Hilda Bassey and her remarkable endeavour.

One cannot overlook the remarkable aspect of Hilda Bassey’s organic following. Her dedicated fan base has grown organically, which is a testament to her talent, authenticity, and ability to connect with her audience. This organic following provides a unique advantage for any brand associated with Hilda, as it ensures a genuinely engaged and receptive audience for their message.

The sheer volume and quality of content surrounding Hilda Bassey’s cook-a-thon is astounding. From captivating videos documenting her culinary prowess to engaging social media posts, the content generated by this event is a goldmine for brands seeking exposure. Such content offers immense potential for various marketing initiatives, including social media campaigns, influencer partnerships, and branded content collaborations.

The authenticity and relatability of the content associated with Hilda Bassey’s cook-a-thon cannot be overstated. Every piece of content reflects her passion, creativity, and expertise, resonating deeply with her audience. This organic nature of the content lends itself seamlessly to brand integration, allowing companies to align their values and messaging with Hilda’s unique brand persona.

The magnitude of attention surrounding Hilda Bassey’s cook-a-thon is staggering. With billions of impressions, widespread reach, and exceptional engagement across multiple platforms, this event presents an unprecedented opportunity for brands to tap into an enthusiastic and captivated audience. The potential for brand exposure and visibility is unparalleled, promising a significant return on investment for those who seize the moment.

Hilda Bassey’s cookathon has successfully bridged the gap between online and offline experiences. While the event primarily takes place offline at Amore Gardens, it has been meticulously crafted to amplify its impact online through live streams, social media updates, and real-time engagement with virtual attendees. This synchronization allows brands to extend their reach beyond physical boundaries and connect with a global audience in real time.

Hilda Bassey’s cookathon has captured the imagination of millions, and from a brand expert’s perspective, it presents an unparalleled opportunity to enhance brand exposure, engagement, and recognition. The organic following, enormous content creation, billions of impressions, online and offline synchronization, strategic partnerships, and the sheer power of branding surrounding this.

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