Apple Launches First Mixed Vision Pro Headset


Apple has unveiled Vision Pro Headset, its first-ever mixed-reality headset. The release was the most significant product launch by the iPhone maker since it unveiled the Apple Watch in 2015.

According to the company, the Vision Pro, which was generally announced on Monday will cost a hefty $3,499 (N1.617 million) and be available early next year in the United States only, the company said.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook while unveiling the sleek VR device said, “There are certain products that shift the way we look at technology and the role it plays in our lives.”

“We believe Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary product with the performance, immersion, and capability that only Apple can deliver,” he added.

The product has been in development at Apple for years and will focus on gaming, streaming video, and conferencing.

Company executives insisted that the Vision Pro offers an unchallenged experience, making the hard sell on the tech that has yet to win the hearts of the greater public.

According to Steve Severinghaus of Insider Intelligence, the Vision Pro is focused on being a mixed reality technology that “clearly situates the user in their environment,”

Apple went to great lengths to preserve its signature design minimalism, at least to the extent that it could, given the technology squeezed into the Vision Pro.

The device has a glass front, an aluminum frame, five sensors, 12 cameras, a display for each eye, and a computer that is cooled with a fan. Smaller than a scuba diving mask, Vision Pro will run mainly by being plugged into the wall in a clear effort to preserve a sleeker design than bulkier headsets, it also has a cord-attached battery pack, which would slide into your pocket, which would work for no more than two hours.

In an effort to overcome that resistance, internal cameras on Apple’s version will protect the user’s eyes on an external screen. Apple added that over 100 video games would be available from the day of release.

Disney CEO, Bob Iger has also announced that the company would collaborate with Apple to ensure its streaming platform Disney+ would be equipped with new Vision Pro features from the headset’s launch. In a short video, users were seen using the device to get live game stats, bring Disney characters like Mickey Mouse to life, and bring Disney World’s Magic Kingdom into their homes.

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