FBNQuest Unveils Opportunities In Equity-Based Investments


FBN Quest, a subsidiary of the FBN Holdings Group and a full-service investment bank and asset manager has shared valuable insights and low-hanging opportunities in equity-based investments that can ensure sustainable growth.

This was done at the recently hosted webinar themed ‘Achieving Sustainable Growth in Equity–Based Investments’ on its Leading Conversations with FBNQuest platform.

The webinar provided valuable insights into investment opportunities and strategies for achieving long-term capital growth.

The session provided an avenue for the panelists to share insights on the potential benefits of equity-based investments.

The panel discussion featured industry experts such as; Gbolahan Ologunro, Associate Portfolio Manager, FBNQuest Asset Management and Abiodun Adedotun, Sales Trader, FBNQuest Securities, and Solafunmi Sosanya – Lawal, Personal Finance Expert, and CEO, Wealth Motely.

The speakers emphasised the importance of aligning investment objectives with risk tolerance and liquidity requirements. When it comes to investing, it is important for investors to clearly define their goals and take into account their comfort level as well as how much risk they can tolerate and any liquidity requirements.

By aligning their objectives with these factors, investors can make well-informed decisions that are tailored to their individual circumstances.

Also, the FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund was highlighted as an efficient way to get exposure to equities.

While speaking on the FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund, Gbolahun Ologunro, Associate Portfolio Manager, FBNQuest Asset Management stated: “The FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund is designed to assist investors in achieving long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio of Nigerian stocks with high growth potential.

“Our rigorous research-based approach ensures that we select high-quality companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, maximizing returns for our clients.”

The speakers at the webinar highlighted the strong performance of the FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund and attributed it to the recent policy actions taken by Nigeria’s new government.

In light of Nigeria’s economic climate, where inflation rates increased from 22.22% in April to 22.41% in May 2023, the FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund offers investors a chance to preserve their wealth.

In addition, Gbolahan Ologunro, while commenting on the fund’s performance, stated that: “The FBN Smart Beta Equity Fund has consistently outperformed the current level of inflation in Nigeria, offering investors a hedge against inflation and the potential for long-term wealth accumulation. It is a smart choice for investors seeking sustainable growth.”

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