Knorr Promotes ‘Eat For Good’ Campaign With One Good Jollof Box At A Time


Knorr, Nigeria’s leading seasoning brand, once again brought its revolutionary ideas to the kitchens of Nigerians with an exciting giveaway called the Knorr Good Jollof Box.

With a mandate to encourage consumers to ‘Eat For Good’, Knorr Good Jollof Box has recipes for tastier and more nutritious meals, inspiring Nigerians to adopt simple but smart ideas in making their favourite dishes.

Knorr opened the floor for consumers to win a Good Jollof Box through its Instagram page, and in their numbers, consumers flocked to the brand’s digital page to win boxes of Knorr goodness. The winners of the package got the delivery of the Knorr Good Jollof Box right to their doorsteps.

According to Thelma, one of Knorr’s avid fans and winner of a Knorr Good Jollof Box, “The recipes were absolutely amazing. Knorr introduced me to the joys of cooking all over again. My seasoning rack and pantry has become a treasure trove of yummy possibilities that my family and I have been enjoying. With Knorr’s recipes, my meals have not only been delicious, but healthy. I am really glad that Knorr decided to give me a Good Jollof Box. Thank you, Knorr.”

In 2021, the leading seasoning brand launched its ‘Eat For Good’ Campaign targeted at inspiring consumers to eat better for themselves and the planet by first changing what they have on their plates. This inspired the brand to create healthier food recipes using its products, which ultimately culminated in the Knorr Good Jollof Box gracing many Nigerian households.

“At Knorr, we believe you can change the world by changing what is on your plate, making our best dishes better, and incorporating healthier options into our meals using Knorr, which is made of natural herbs and spices. We inspire consumers to Eat for Good by offering recipes that incorporate locally sourced vegetables and are easy to make at home and enjoy with your favourite meals” said Bolanle Kehinde-Lawal, Marketing Director, Nutrition, Unilever West Africa.

With Knorr Good Jollof Box, the brand cements its position at the vanguard of sustainable dining in Nigeria’s food industry while delivering the perfect blend of sumptuous cuisine and wholesome living.

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