Meta’s Twitter-like App, Threads Comes Alive Tomorrow, July 6


Facebook’s parent company, Meta has announced plans to launch a Twitter-like microblogging app named Threads.

Threads is Meta’s text-based conversation app expected to be released on Thursday. Its design is aligned to Instagram so it will allow users to follow the accounts they follow on the photo-sharing platform and keep the same username, a listing on Apple’s App Store showed.

The app is expected to be released this Thursday and will allow users to retain followers from the photo-sharing platform Instagram, and keep the same username.

The layout of this new platform will be familiar to anyone who has spent time on Twitter.

The text-based network which has a working title of P92 could turn out to be a greater rival to Elon Musk’s Twitter than either BlueSky or Mastodon.

According to Meta, it has around two billion users, which dwarfs the 300 million that are believed to use Twitter – although its figures can no longer be verified.

Meta says it takes “inspiration” from other products, although others put it less kindly – Stories on Facebook was based on a Snapchat feature, and Reels on Instagram is unmistakably similar to TikTok

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