Ronaldo Becomes Instagram Highest-paid Star


Portuguese soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has become the highest-paid star on the social media app, Instagram.

According to a report, The 38-year-old footballer now rakes in a staggering £1.87 million per sponsored post, compared to American socialite, Kylie Jenner, 25, who earns £1.47 million for each post.

He boasts a staggering 597 million followers on the social media platform, while Kylie follows closely behind him with 397 million followers.

Cristiano has seen huge growth on Instagram in recent years, as he ranked in third place on the 2019 Instagram Rich List earning around £755,000 per sponsored post.

The Instagram Rich List was collated by HopperHQ and is based on how much each user can charge for a single Instagram post. The company analyses data including average engagement, how often they post, industry variables and the number of followers one has.

The third place on the most recent 2022 Rich List is footballer Lionel Messi with £1.38 million per sponsored post.

Selena Gomez then follows closely behind earning £1.35 million for each post, while Dwayne Johnson is in fifth place with £1.33million.

Kim Kardashian also made the top ten as she earns £1.31 million per sponsored post, while her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner ranked in ninth and tenth place.

Cristiano topping the list is his latest huge milestone after he was named the world’s highest-paid athlete by Forbes at the beginning of May, with his annual earnings this year said to top £109million.

Cristiano made a £175million-move to the Saudi Pro League in January of this year and the lucrative switch propelled him back to the top of Forbes’ athlete-rich list for the first time since 2017.

He also topped the list for the third time overall, with an overall income of £109 million, the highest figure from a footballer in history.

An estimated £37million of that income has come on the field – which Forbes says ‘blends together his two contracts for this season and accounts for his brief unemployment’ – while close to double the amount has come through off-field endorsements.

Only three athletes in Forbes’ history have beaten his off-field total of £72 million in a year: Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Conor McGregor.

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