Tosin Obembe: X-raying The Show Director Behind Hilda Baci’s Cook-a-thon Guinness World Record


In the realm of audio-visual brilliance, the man, Mr. Tosin Obembe, has carved a name for himself as one of the primus inter pares in the African ecosystem. He was the visionary behind the remarkable audio-visual production of the Hilda Baci World Record attempt. Under his skillful guidance, Hilda surpassed the previous record set by Indian Chef Lata London, clocking an impressive 100 hours. For Mr. Obembe, storytelling has always been a passion that ignited during his childhood, making it his first love. Renowned for his multimedia skills as a Director and Producer, he possesses a remarkable ability to deliver exceptional audio-visual and story-telling campaigns with unparalleled speed.

Throughout his career, Mr. Tosin Obembe has been involved in a myriad of film projects, including television commercials for renowned brands, and directing major events such as Rhythm Unplugged, Calabar Carnival, and Remo Unity Concert. His contribution to production strategy teams has led to the success of multiple award-winning campaigns.

As the CEO of Tobems Media Ltd, a full-service Creative Multimedia Agency, Mr. Tosin leads a team of exceptional media professionals. With their combined expertise, they consistently deliver innovative and captivating content that pushes the boundaries of creativity. Through his leadership, Mr. Tosin Obembe continues to shape the world of multimedia production, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Brand Communicator takes you on a captivating journey through the triumphs, challenges, and lasting impact of his historic production of the cook-a-thon as well as some scenes of the unforgettable cook-a-thon event where culinary passion collided with remarkable storytelling.

Delving into the Production

When Mr. Obembe was approached by the Hilda Baci team on the Cook-a-Thon, they were looking for an audio-visual team that will bring to life its unwavering vision for a production design that would truly bring the ambitious project to life. Recognizing the magnitude of the endeavour, Mr. Tosin Obembe meticulously planned and executed a comprehensive strategy, ensuring a flawlessly synchronized event that surpassed all expectations.

Intense Preparations and a Sensitive Setup

The level of preparation and planning that went into the production of Hilda Baci’s Cook-a-thon Guinness World Record was nothing short of extraordinary. Mr. Tosin approached the task with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to capturing every moment flawlessly.

The absence of the Guinness World Record Team posed a significant challenge, Mr. Obembe had to ensure that the entire event was documented with undeniable evidence, leaving no room for doubt. To achieve this, a high-quality camera was strategically positioned to capture the entirety of Hilda’s cooking endeavor. Recognizing the sensitivity of the setup, the team implemented a double-layered backup system for this master evidence camera.

In the event of any technical glitches or failures, two additional cameras were ready to seamlessly take over, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted recording. The timer was carefully placed in front of the camera and in the background of Hilda’s kitchen activities, further validating the authenticity and accuracy of the record-breaking attempt. The evidence cameras were all routed into a separate recording setup, meticulously designed to prevent any tampering throughout the five-day duration of the shoot, ensuring the preservation of every crucial second.

Unveiling the Layers of Production

The production’s multi-camera setup added another layer of complexity. Seven cameras were strategically positioned to capture different angles and perspectives, ensuring that no detail was missed. These cameras worked in harmony to provide a comprehensive view of Hilda’s culinary journey. The live feeds from these cameras were seamlessly transmitted to screens placed strategically within the venue, allowing on-site spectators to closely observe every aspect of the cook-a-thon.

Simultaneously, Mr. Tosin harnessed the power of modern technology, utilizing YouTube streaming to broadcast the event live to a global audience. This setup ensured that people from all corners of the world could be a part of Hilda’s monumental achievement; immersing themselves in the experience and witnessing history unfold in real time.

To capture the behind-the-scenes moments that the general audience might miss, Mr. Obembe assembled a dedicated TV team. This team, led by experienced content directors, had the task of capturing the raw emotions, challenges, and moments of resilience that Hilda encountered throughout her record-breaking attempt.

Their footage would offer an intimate and unfiltered perspective, revealing the true essence of Hilda’s journey and providing insights into the determination and unwavering spirit that propelled her to success. Whether it be moments of doubt, the triumph of overcoming obstacles, or the unwavering support of the team, this production promised to deliver a comprehensive account of Hilda’s remarkable achievement.

The final layer of the production involved a team focused on creating captivating highlights. Working closely with an editor on set, Mr. Tosin curated the most impactful moments, weaving them into a visually stunning reel. This reel would serve as a testament to Hilda’s culinary prowess and indomitable spirit, capturing the essence of the cook-a-thon in a condensed and exhilarating format. Once completed, the social media team would take charge, leveraging various platforms to share the highlights with the world, further amplifying the reach and impact of Hilda’s remarkable accomplishment.

The Meticulous ‘Show Director’:  Mr. Tosin Obembe

The audio-visual production for the cook-a-thon event was pulled by the one at the very helm of affairs at Tobems Media, Mr. Tosin Obembe. His personality and vast experience as well as expertise played a significant role in the company’s excellence during the record-breaking event. With over 15 years of experience directing various multi-camera events, including major concerts like Rhythm Unplugged, Mr. Tosin honed his skills in handling complex productions.

His familiarity with such productions allowed him to have a deep understanding of the camera setup requirements for different aspects of the event. The evidence camera was crucial for visual documentation, ensuring every moment was captured accurately. This well-rounded production, among other factors, contributed to a surge in attendance on day 4 and day 5 of the cook-a-thon, highlighting the effectiveness of Mr Obembe’s exceptional and detailed work.

The Director’s Grueling Task

From the very beginning, the director bore the weight of responsibility for every aspect of the cook-a-thon. Their unwavering focus on Hilda’s journey was palpable, ensuring that her story was beautifully captured and conveyed to the world. Balancing multiple roles, the director constantly communicated with the medical team, attentively monitored Hilda’s progress, and guided the TV camera crew to capture those pivotal moments that would define the event.

Surmounting the challenges

The cook-a-thon was not without its share of trials. After the first night, when fatigue threatened to shatter Hilda’s determination, the director witnessed a pivotal moment of vulnerability. Hilda whispered her doubts, suggesting an abrupt end to the event. Recognizing the significance of the challenge at hand, the director embarked on a journey to uplift Hilda’s spirits, rallying support from Kaffy, Kemen, Sydney, Enioluwa, Alex, and Hilda’s closest friends. Together, they propelled Hilda forward, ultimately achieving the extraordinary goal they had set out to conquer.

Amidst the whirlwind of the cook-a-thon, one indelible moment stands out: an unexpected downpour that tested the resilience of the production team. As rain cascaded down, threatening to dampen spirits and equipment, the team rallied together to protect the precious and delicate cameras. The director contemplated scaling down operations to minimize risks, but the production manager, Owolabi, had a resolute response. In that pivotal instant, the team’s unwavering commitment shone through, affirming their dedication to delivering a remarkable production, regardless of the challenges that nature threw their way.

Another challenge that the team foresaw was the availability and consistency of lighting in the kitchen area. Understanding the significance of well-lit footage, Mr. Obembe and his team took proactive measures to tackle this issue. They placed all the kitchen equipment, including lighting, on an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. This ensured a constant and reliable power source, guaranteeing optimal lighting conditions throughout the duration of the event.

Additionally, Mr. Tosin was aware of the importance of the timer, particularly in relation to the review process by the Guinness World Record team. To prevent any technical glitches or interruptions with the timer, they took extra precautions. The timer and laptop were connected to an extension cord, and the connection was securely wrapped with masking tape, providing a stable and tamper-proof setup. By paying attention to these minute details, Mr. Tosin demonstrated his commitment to upholding the integrity of the record-breaking attempt.

The sheer size of the crowd that gathered at the event posed another challenge. With a large number of people present, it became more challenging for the camera crew to maneuver freely and capture all the desired shots. Despite this obstacle, Mr. Obembe’s experienced team skillfully navigated the crowded space, ensuring that they were able to capture the best possible footage, delivering a visually immersive experience for both the on-site and online audiences.

Tobems Media’s Core Values

To achieve all it did, the company relied on its core values. Passion, innovation, and creativity serve as the driving forces behind Tobems Media’s operations. Their unwavering dedication to producing captivating communication that stirs the right emotions and inspires action was profoundly demonstrated in the cook-a-thon. Through the lens of their storytelling prowess, Tobems Media wove a tapestry of Hilda’s life, skillfully illuminating her struggles, resilience, laughter, family bonds, and ultimate victory through the cook-a-thon. This triumphant portrayal endeared Hilda and her project to the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Measuring Success

The success of the cook-a-thon can be quantified by the overwhelming response it garnered. With over 5 million views across various streaming platforms, the production reached a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries. Testament to Mr. Tosin’s commitment to quality, no complaints marred the experience, with impeccable sound and visuals captivating viewers throughout. Furthermore, the tireless efforts of the highlighted team, delivering edited content every six hours, created a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) frenzy online, drawing an enthusiastic crowd of approximately 3,000 daily attendees to the enchanting Amore Gardens.

The success of the cook-a-thon only fuels Tobems Media’s hunger for groundbreaking projects. Engaging visionary minds, the production company is poised to unveil more extraordinary ideas for television, promising to push the boundaries of storytelling to new heights. And there’s more in store for audiences—a third edition of the signature event, Unlock Naija, is on the horizon. This grand celebration, slated for every October first, promises a fusion of fashion, music, comedy, and stage plays.

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