Women In Out-Of-Home Advertising Hold Inaugural Meeting, Unveil Logo


In a historic moment for the advertising industry, a group of trailblazing women has gathered to birth Women in Out-Of-Home Advertising in Nigeria, WOHAN. The inaugural meeting was held on Tuesday, July 25th, at Sheba Event Centre, Lagos, with a strong turnout of women from the out-of-home advertising world.

With a vision to empower women in Out-Of-Home Advertising by creating an inclusive environment that recognises and amplifies their talents, WOHAN aims to champion OOH by providing resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to promote their professional growth. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, it also strives to break barriers, foster equality, and ensure equal opportunities for women to excel in the industry.

The meeting began with an opening speech by the Coordinator of Women in Out-of-Home Advertising, WOHAN, Adeola Odesanya, while welcoming members of the forum, the keynote speaker, and members of the press to the event said the groundbreaking initiative seeks to create a supportive and inclusive environment for women to thrive and break the glass ceiling in the advertising industry. According to her, the launch of the forum would allow women to take their rightful positions in the Out-of-Home Advertising Sector.

“As we march forward on this course, I challenge us to always learn, unlearn and relearn in order to acquaint ourselves with different initiatives that would form part of our planned activities, seminars, workshops, and special events where we would all be able to join in and get hands-on experiences. This will help facilitate sustainable growth and assisus in achieving our mission,” Odesanya said.

The President of the Out-of-Home Advertising, OOH, Emmanuel Ajufo, who gave a goodwill message said he does not doubt that the Sub-Group of the Association will grow to be a source of pride in the industry. “Women have come a long way in this line of business, while some were born into it, others have worked their way to the top echelon of our industry. Today, we have some female CEOs. At the Association’s Management Level, we have had female Council members. Presently, we have two female Executive Council members and two female BOT members. In all the positions where women have in charge, I can state with all sense of duty that they have discharged themselves very creditably,” he added.

The keynote speaker, Bunmi Oke, CEO/ Lead Consultant Ladybird Advertising Limited, and the past President of the Association of Advertising Agencies, AAAN, who spoke on the topic “Women in OOH Media: Issues, Challenges and Prospects” said the representation and empowerment of women in OOH media are crucial for achieving a progressive and diverse industry. By addressing the challenges faced by women in this sector and embracing the prospects for change, the OOH media industry can move towards greater gender equality, unlocking the full potential of its female professionals, and driving innovation and creativity in advertising.

She emphasized the need for gender equality in the advertising field and highlighted the untapped potential of women professionals in driving innovation and creativity. Attendees were encouraged to share their experiences, challenges, and aspirations during a candid question-and-answer session, which created a sense of camaraderie and solidarity among the participants.

The out-of-home advertising sector plays a pivotal role in shaping public perception and influencing consumer behaviour. Despite its significance, women’s representation in key decision-making roles has been historically low. WOHAN’s inception marks a significant step towards bridging this gender gap and transforming the industry into a more progressive and equal landscape.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the unveiling of the official WOHAN logo by the OOAN BOT Chairman. The logo features an elegant blend of vibrant colours and bold strokes, symbolising the strength, unity, and diversity of women in out-of-home advertising. The logo received an enthusiastic reception from the attendees and quickly became a representation of their collective mission.

In addition to the logo unveiling, the meeting also included strategic discussions about upcoming initiatives and events planned by WOHAN. These include mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and training sessions, which are geared toward fostering skill development and career advancement for women in the industry.

Several prominent figures in the advertising world showed their support for WOHAN by attending the inaugural meeting. Industry veterans expressed their commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive environment, acknowledging the positive impact that diverse perspectives can have on advertising campaigns and strategies.

Looking ahead, Women in Out-Of-Home Advertising aims to expand its reach and impact, collaborating with stakeholders across the industry to effect lasting change. By providing a platform for women’s voices to be heard and acknowledged, WOHAN endeavours to reshape the out-of-home advertising landscape for the better.

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