Aquafina Brand Task Triggers Emotions, Excitement Amidst Big Brother All-Stars Housemates


Aquafina Premium Water from the stable Seven-Up Bottling company engaged the Big Brother All-Stars housemates in a friendship celebrating brand task .

The ‘Aquafina Allstars Padi Awards’ left the All-Stars housemates emotional as they fought to showcase their creativity using words to build, strengthen and celebrate ‘their surest padi’ who had stood by them in good and bad times in the house.

The BBNaija season 8 housemates were grouped into team purity, clarity, trustworthy, international, and premium amongst others representing the brand’s different qualities.

In the first stage of the game, each partner put their legs in a pair of trousers which signified unity and oneness affirming each other with kind words as they shared their bottle of Aquafina water as padi.

The second stage of the game took a turn when Biggie announced that it was an award ceremony. It came with certain instructions as each housemate was given the chance to test their descriptive and narrative capabilities by vividly describing a male or female housemate who embodies a particular quality of the brand.

Each team was to prepare a five-minute presentation using the name of their team to describe a housemate that embodied the attribute of the quality stating a scenario where the housemate displayed it without mentioning their names .

At the end of each presentation,the team said “Just like Aquafina premium water the award for..” call out the housemates they described to celebrate them by giving them an honorary badge

The housemates were to catwalk through the beautifully decorated Aquafina runway to the stage to receive their badge of honour awards amidst applause and cheers of other housemates.

Housemates like Mercy Eke,Frodd,White Money,Venita,Kiddwaya,Adekunle,Soma,Neo and CeeC received the awards.

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