BBNaija All-Stars: Soma, C-Cee, Ike, Cross Win Tecno Brand Task


The atmosphere in the 2023 Big Brother House was exciting as the housemates engaged in another tough task sponsored by Tecno. Soma, C Cee, Ike, and Cross of Team Camon 20 premier emerged as the eventual winners of the Tecno Brand task.

The task which was set to test the agility, cognitive, and creative capacity of the housemates was carried out in two rounds.

The All-Stars housemates were grouped into 4 different versions of the Tecno phone. Team Camon 20 premier, team Camon 20 pro, team Camon 20 pro 5G, and team Camon 20.

The task started with the housemates searching for the right keys to unlock the padlocks.

In the first round, each housemate was to unlock 7 padlocks in their various teams in 15 minutes, at the end of the allotted time, the team with the most unlocked padlocks won and was awarded 30 points.

Team Camon 20 Premier took the 30 points as they unlocked 5 padlocks.

For the second task, each team was asked to shoot any music video of their choice using the provided Common 20 Doodles Smartphone and in-short applications.

Big Brother went through the videos and gave the team the following scores: Team Camon 20 Premier 40 points, team Camon 20 Pro 35 points, team Camon 20 Pro 5G 30 points, and Team Camon 20 with 25 points.

Team Camon 20 Premiere was announced as the overall winner of the task amidst applause from other housemates.

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