“If The Information Minister Fails, NIPR Has Failed” Newly Sworn-In Information Minister Emphasizes Role Of PR In National Transformation At Conference


Alhaji Mohammed Idris, the recently sworn-in Minister of Information and National Orientation, underscored the symbiotic relationship between his ministerial role and the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), while also focusing on the transformative power of effective public relations.

The Minister made this known when he delivered a stirring address at the ongoing 2023 NIPR National Conference, AGM, and election in Abuja. In his address, acknowledged that the NIPR’s performance and his effectiveness as a minister are intertwined:

“I am addressing today as the Hon. Minister of Information and National Orientation in other words, the NIPR is here as the Minister of Information and National Orientation. Therefore, if the Information Minister Fails, the NIPR has failed.”

Asserting that his appointment as minister highlights the importance of effective communication in navigating the multifaceted challenges confronting Nigeria today challenges, he noted, “It is perhaps not an accident that NIPR as an apex organization of professionals that regulates the thinking and behavior of public relations practitioners was traditionally placed under the wider responsibility of the federal relation of information and national orientation.”

Drawing from his extensive three-decade career in PR, the Minister emphasized the impact that PR professionals can have in addressing. “Distinguished fellow, three days ago I was sworn in as min. of Information & National Orientation and I believe that my appointment as minister underscores the key role that communications professional can play in helping to address challenges especially those that we have in our dear country today.”

Aligning his address with the conference theme, “Leadership, Public Relations & Value Creation,” Idris emphasized the role of innovation and leadership in driving positive change. He noted that this conference is not just a gathering but a platform to explore ways to lead, innovate, and create value in a competitive environment.

Idris recognized the NIPR’s historical linkage to the Ministry of Information and National Orientation, underlining the significance of the institute in shaping public behavior and perceptions. He expressed gratitude to all the stakeholders who have contributed to the success of the AGM, including public relations practitioners, representatives of the private sector, and collaborators.

Assuring his commitment to NIPR’s mandate, he highlighted that the government’s current focus is restoring confidence in governance and institutions. He stressed that effective communication strategies must replace mere propaganda and aim to directly impact citizens’ lives positively.

Idris pledged to prioritize transparent and accountable information dissemination to Nigerians, aiming to reduce apathy and build trust between the government and its citizens. He emphasized the value of mutual respect and empathy in fostering constructive conversations between the government and the people.

Addressing the core responsibilities of PR professionals, he highlighted their role as storytellers, bridge builders, and custodians of reputation. He stressed the importance of ethical responsibility and commitment to truth, given the information-saturated era.

“Let us seize this opportunity to commit ourselves not only to our client and organization but also to the greater national move. As we gather in the spirit of line and collaboration, let us follow the past to build the present and shape the future. The NIPR stands as evidence of our collective of information to excellence, innovation, and growth. It is true that our active participation, our insight, and our dedication at this conference will truly shape the way NIPR is being perceived.

“Distinguished stakeholders, thank you for being part of this great remarkable community called NIPR. Thank you for your tireless effort to elevate our profession and your role in charting the course of the NIPR. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to acknowledge the innovative and purposeful leadership of Mallam Mukhtar Surajo, One of his legacies is the citizen summit that happened last year. I commend the NIPR for that summit as the copy of the report was presented to the Hon Minister of Information and National Orientation.

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