Purposeful leadership, Best Tool For Brand Nigeria’s Image Management-Udeme Ufot


The Group Managing Director of SO&U, Mr. Udeme Ufot, has stated that no amount of strategic image-making campaign would be effective to change foreigners’ perception of Nigeria without purposeful political leadership.

The advertising guru said this in his presentation as the guest speaker at the Nigeria British Chamber of Commerce’s (NBCC) August Sharing Experience Series with the theme “The Power of Storytelling in Marketing.”

In his presentation at the event, Ufot stressed that to change the country’s perception, Nigeria “must begin with having the right political leadership that is committed to changing the country and galvanising the people, which must start by forming an elite consensus to go on a new direction.”

He also opined that Nigerians, Nigerians will align when they see the right leadership. And on the back of that new direction, you can begin to craft narratives that will reinforce those values.”

Mr. Ufot noted that until a purposeful set of leaders take the seat of government, spending resources on advertising campaigns to change the prevailing negative perception of the country would be counter-productive.

His Words: “Now, nothing we will do in trying to change the narrative of Nigeria without a leadership that believes that the country is to be changed; that find ways to change it and that there is elites’ consensus that no matter which political party that takes over this country that consensus must remain as the path to the growth of our country”.

Ufot, however, pointed out that every society has its great story to tell no matter the situation including Nigeria but citizens are in the habit of down plying our great stories. Telling our stories, especially the stories of Nigerians who are doing some great things would be a good place to start Ufot Suggested. “Let us be strategic in selling ourselves and in crafting those stories that will help to protect us in good light,” He stressed

In his welcome address to guests at the event, the President of NBCC, Mr. Ray Atelly, said the sharing experience series was a signature event of the chamber that started in December 2019. The programme, he explained, was created as a platform for accomplished leaders in the organised private sector to share their experiences.

 In Atelly’s words, “storytelling was one of the oldest, yet most powerful communication tools we have as humans.

“They help to share, engage and comprehend in ways few other mechanisms can. Stories have always fascinated people and are more easily remembered”.

“Well-told stories regarding a brand appear to have the potential to influence consumers’ brand experience, which consists of all the sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses evoked by brand-related stimuli that are part of a brand’s design and identity”.

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