The Currency Of Attention And How Josh 2 Funny & AGT Got A WIN-WIN From It


Yesterday, Josh Alfred, a Nigerian comedian better known as Josh2Funny, ‘broke’ the internet with his appearance on “America’s Got Talent.” He appeared in a record three-time auditions in a single day, to showcase his faux speed reading and rap skills as well as his ‘prowess’ in magic tricks. In his opinion piece titled “The Currency of Attention and How Josh2Funny & AGT got a Win-Win from it,” Philip Asuquotes delves into the concept of “shameless marketing” and explores how brands can draw lessons from this experience.

The recent appearance of Nigerian skit maker, Josh 2 Funny, on America’s Got Talent Reality TV Show has had the internet agog with many reactions.

Globally, America Got Talent is known to millions who are aware of the brand over the years. On the other hand, Josh 2 Funny has a fan base made up of mainly Africans, especially Nigerians. There is something peculiar about having both names in this piece.

Josh appeared three times on the show with three acts done for laughs. And yes, the show’s audience loved and laughed at those acts and this spilled into the internet with so many laughing along. There are things to learn from this.

For starts, Josh’s three times appearance on AGT should tell you that most things on Reality TV shows are scripted.

Nevertheless, the script gave him international views and gave AGT millions of views from Africa and around the globe in a day and attention has been drawn to this particular season of the show.

Another thing worth noting here also is the win-win reality for both parties. They both got paid in the currency of attention and that translates into more money for both, directly and indirectly.

What Josh did can be called “shameless marketing”. He looked beyond the embarrassment of showing himself that way on the show and marketed himself shamelessly to the international community.

On their part, AGT risked letting us know they have been running feature scripts just like every other successful reality Tv show, but they went ahead with it and it paid forward for both brands.

Two bold moves from both parties that’s got much talking, laughing, analyzing, and commending.

What would make both brands boldly risk their perceived “reputation” to engage in such, knowing most people will decode?

The answer is “Attention”. Why? Because attention is a currency that pays and what it pays can translate into dollars, naira etc and you can do what you want with it too afterward.

Also note that it was a win-win for both. Most brands make proposals that are only a win for themselves while those proposed to win just a little or nothing.

For those seeking sponsorship or partnership, you need to know what currency you’d compensate your sponsor/partner with that is equivalent to what you are getting from the move you propose. Currency of attention, the currency of service, the currency of sales, the currency of dollars, naira, etc, and other forms of currencies can be brought to the table.

The secret to getting sponsorship and brand deals is clearly spelling out what currency the value of what you propose will come in for them. A good currency offer can make brands go the ‘risk’ with you.

While we laugh, analyze or cringe at Josh for the act, let’s take the lessons too.

What you bring to the table in a deal or offer matters. When it is a win-win for all parties, it becomes a go-go and do-do for them.

However, while you go thinking of an out-of-the-norm stunt to pull for your brand, be sure to make it in line with what your brand stands for or does.

We caught Josh’s drift because it is in line with his berserk brand of comedy. Besides, he had already done series of skits with talent hunt show as the script, and like someone said online, he just used the whole AGT brand and stage to shoot a reality show skit in real time.

His precedent made us catch the drift and goes ahead into more for him because it’s all in line with what he is known for and does. Don’t go pulling a stunt that is out of character for your brand. You could have it turn to a dud move.

Be strategic with your brand and make it a win-win whenever you think collaboration. We’d need to think out of the box, but strategically, when it comes to getting results in this age and time for our brands.

Philip Asuquotes
Brand Management Expert


Philip Asuquotes is a brand management expert based in South-South, Nigeria. He shares insights about brands and their moves to help the audience/market become aware beyond the peripherals. He is also the lead coach at The League of African Strategists(LOAS).

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