Eager Anticipation Stirs As The Future Awards Africa Prepares To Unveil This Year’s Nominees


The distinguished Future Awards Africa is currently the centre of widespread anticipation as it prepares to disclose this year’s array of impressive nominees to honour the impactful contributions of young Africans. This year, the anticipation is more palpable than ever, with the nominee unveiling slated for the 24th of September 2023.

Since its inception, the awards have impacted over 2000 youths aged 18 to 31 across the continent, shining a light on those who exhibit exceptional talent and promise in various fields. The awards ceremony has historically been a landmark event, celebrating young minds who have made significant contributions to their communities and the world at large.

Leading the revelry as hosts for the nominees’ unveiling are the charismatic duo Tayo Faniran, the multi-talented actor and entrepreneur, and the ever-graceful Idia Aisien, an influential figure in the media world. Their vibrant energy is sure to infuse the event with an electrifying atmosphere. The atmosphere is abuzz with hopefuls and supporters speculating and wondering who will make the esteemed list this year.

speaking on the awards event, the hosts stated that the Future Awards Africa is known for its ability to surprise and inspire; this year promises to be no exception. “The Future Awards has always been a monumental and memorable experience, and this year, we hope to celebrate, once again, the young talents who are rewriting Africa’s story by providing a platform for them to shine and inspire others. As we all sit on the edge of our seats, pondering the million-dollar question, “Who will be the next Future Awards Africa’s 2023 Nominees?” we continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and transformation that defines our continent.

“While we excitedly anticipate the unveiling of these extraordinary individuals who symbolise the hope and future of Africa, we must maintain sight of the fundamental message and purpose of the event to challenge the status quo and inspire unparalleled excellence.” the hosts added.

Given the recent upheavals and transformative changes occurring within Africa’s landscape, it’s crucial to commend the young African pioneers who have relentlessly propelled the continent forward through their noteworthy contributions across various domains. Much of the progress witnessed in Africa is attributed to these dynamic young minds, the architects of evolving narratives and the catalysts of meaningful change. We must recognize not only these young leaders but also the significant impact of their work, as they have demonstrated that they are not just future leaders but also today’s living legends.

This year’s nominees’ unveiling is made possible through the generous support of Maggi, Stability and Sustenance, and The Future Project.

Stay tuned for an unforgettable evening of inspiration, celebration, and the honouring of Africa’s brightest stars on Youtube @TheFutureProject IG @mtvbasewest @tfaafrica on the 24th of september, 2023.

For further information on TFAA 2023, including details about the Jury the IAC, and the award ceremony, please visit https://awards.thefutureafrica.com/ or connect with the organisers through our social media platforms or email at [email protected]

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