Golden Penny Semovita’s “My Soup’s First Choice”: An Incisive Review


Golden Penny Semovita recently unveiled an audacious and attention-grabbing television commercial, confidently declaring itself as “My Soup’s First Choice.” In the TVC, the brand makes a bold statement by positioning itself as the preferred choice for soups, leaving no room for ambiguity in asserting its prominence in the market. In this riveting review, Brand Communicator’s Jeremiah Agada, takes a keen and insightful look at the commercial, uncovering its strengths, its potential impact on consumer perception, and its contribution to the brand’s overall positioning in the highly competitive semolina market.

What defines a true Nigerian? Is it the unwavering grit, tenacity, and boundless industrious spirit that the world has come to recognize them for? Or perhaps it’s the deep-rooted cultural heritage, vibrant traditions, and the ever-evolving fusion of cultures? While these play a role in shaping Nigeria’s identity, there’s another aspect that is equally, if not more, integral to the nation’s essence – its food.

When it comes to Nigerian food, one staple stands out prominently. This is what most Nigerians call – “swallow.” This finely mashed and meticulously prepared food staple is the cornerstone of Nigerian cuisine, an integral part of daily life for millions. For an average Nigerian, a day without swallow is like a story missing its most important chapter.

But what makes this cherished dish truly remarkable is the fact that it is usually paired with a variety of soups. When it comes to soups, choices are as diverse as Nigeria itself. Do you opt for the delicious allure of Egusi soup, or does the luscious viscosity of Okro or Ogbono soup beckon your palate? Perhaps it’s the enticing depth of Efo Riro (elemi meje) that makes your heart sing. And let’s not forget the captivating flavours of Okoho soup, a hidden gem from Nigeria’s middle belt, Idoma specifically. Venture further north, and you’ll find the aromatic embrace of Miyan Kuka in Bauchi, or the hearty delight of Karkashe and Miyan Geda. Wander down to the South-South region, and you’ll be greeted by the tantalizing aroma of Banga soup in Delta state. Akwa Ibom offers a delectable trio of Edikaikon, Editan, and Afang, each a demonstration to the region’s rich culinary heritage. And then, there’s the legendary Fisherman soup from Bayelsa, a soup that pays homage to the bountiful rivers and oceans that cradle Nigeria’s southern coastline.

So when Golden Penny Semovita, the trusted “swallow” brand from the stables of Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN), boldly declared itself as “My Soup’s First Choice” in a daring television commercial, it was nothing short of a statement of significance and responsibility.

Golden Penny Semovita has long been synonymous with premium quality, made from high-quality wheat and cherished for its smooth, fine texture and superior standards. Renowned as a vital source of energy, protein, and fiber, it comes as no surprise that Golden Penny Semovita holds a special place in the hearts of swallow aficionados across Nigeria. “My Soup’s First Choice” isn’t just a catchphrase; it’s an enduring and endearing copy crafted to demonstrate the brand’s enduring quality and its unwavering presence in the homes of swallow-loving Nigerians.

The TV commercial opens with a heartwarming family scene, gathered around the dining table, eagerly anticipating a meal of swallow with their deliciously prepared soup. However, the plot takes a fascinating twist when the soup outright rejects the initially prepared swallow. Despite numerous attempts by family members to enjoy their meal, the soup remains unyielding. It’s a humorous and entertaining depiction of a seemingly impossible scenario, where the soup has a say in what it  is paired with.

However, the matriarch of the home makes a decisive move. She replaces the rejected swallow with Golden Penny Semovita, and that’s when the magic happens. The soup, once obstinate, now sits contentedly, allowing itself to be relished by the family, signifying that it has chosen this brand as its first choice. The message is clear: when it comes to delivering a satisfying and harmonious meal experience, Golden Penny Semovita takes the crown.

While the situation portrayed in the commercial might stretch the boundaries of reality, its core message shines through brilliantly. Golden Penny Semovita is positioned as the ultimate partner for your soup, a choice so superior that even the soup itself can’t resist.

Beyond the playful narrative, Golden Penny Semovita delivers on its promise of providing significant nutrients essential for good health. Its smooth texture and ease of swallowing make it not just a delicious choice but also a practical one, showing the consumer that in seeking a filling and nourishing meal, combining Golden Penny Semovita with their favorite soup is a commendable choice.

Using the key metrics of creativity, emotional appeal, message clarity, brand integration, production quality, engagement, memorability, call to action, target audience, and impact, here is a brief review of the TVC.

Creativity (10/10): The TVC demonstrates exceptional creativity by turning a simple dining scene into an engaging and humorous narrative. The concept of soup rejecting traditional swallow in favour of Golden Penny Semovita is both imaginative and entertaining.

Emotional Appeal (9/10): The commercial successfully tugs at the viewer’s emotions through relatable family dynamics and the universal love for delicious food. The mother’s determination to ensure a satisfying meal resonates with audiences.

Message Clarity (8/10): While the overall message that Golden Penny Semovita is the ultimate choice for soup is clear, the initial soup rejection scene might confuse some viewers. A bit more clarity in this segment could enhance the message. On a lighter note, writing this, I could easily visualize my mother saying the soup has been possessed by some spirits

Brand Integration (9/10): The brand, Golden Penny Semovita, is seamlessly integrated into the story. It doesn’t feel forced, and the product’s attributes are effectively highlighted as the solution to the family’s dilemma.

Production Quality (10/10): The TVC is well-produced with high production values. The visuals are crisp, and the actors deliver convincing performances. The dining table set and food presentation are also visually appealing.

Engagement (9/10): The commercial keeps viewers engaged throughout its duration, thanks to its compelling narrative. It piques curiosity and maintains interest as the story unfolds.

Memorability (8/10): The humorous twist and catchphrase, “My Soup’s First Choice,” make the TVC memorable. However, it might require repeated viewings for some viewers to fully grasp the message.

Call to Action (9/10): Short, sharp, straight to the point, the TVC shows the qualities and nutrients in the brand rather than outrightly calling consumers to action. I find that subtle and a lot more effective even when some people will want the TVC to have a CTA encouraging viewers to try Golden Penny Semovita or visit a website for more information.

Target Audience (9/10): The TVC effectively targets its audience of swallow enthusiasts and those who appreciate the importance of the right pairing between swallow and soup. It aligns with the brand’s core consumer base.

Overall Impact (9/10): “My Soup’s First Choice” is a highly impactful TVC that not only entertains but also effectively communicates the superior quality of Golden Penny Semovita. It leaves a positive impression and fosters brand recognition.

In summary, the “My Soup’s First Choice” TVC is one that not only entertains but also effectively communicates the superior quality of Golden Penny Semovita. It reinforces the brand’s position as the preferred choice for those who take their swallow seriously. It excels in creativity, emotional appeal, and production quality. While it effectively conveys its message, a bit more clarity in one scene could enhance its overall effectiveness. Nonetheless, it successfully engages the target audience and leaves a memorable impression.

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