Google Ads Introduces New Policy To Curb Scams, Misleading Ads


Google Ads is launching a new policy ‘Limited Ads Serving’ to protect users from scams and misleading ads on its platform. The new policy will also help to curb bad actors who try to deceive or confuse users with their ads while giving legitimate advertisers time to establish their branding strategies on the platform.

The policy will affect advertisers that target specific brands in their campaigns but do not have a clear relationship with them. The development will limit the impressions of such advertisers until they prove their trustworthiness and relevance.

Google Ads’ new policy will have a “get-to-know-you” period for new or unfamiliar advertisers. However, during this period, the policy will evaluate their track record based on user feedback, advertising history, and advertiser identity verification.

Google Ads will also guide them on how to create clear and helpful ads that match their domain and brand identity.

Google Ads said implementing stricter ad policies could build user trust and confidence, which could benefit both users and advertisers.

Google Ads will notify the advertisers affected by the new policy and help them meet the requirements to reach the “qualified status”. The policy will be rolled out slowly and gradually expanded to cover more scenarios and regions.

Speaking to the media, a Google ads spokesperson said the policy was designed to keep the platform open to new advertisers and give them the opportunity to deliver a helpful experience.

“The policy would not block or remove any ad from the platform, but only limit the impressions of some ads in certain situations where users could be misled or confused by the advertiser’s brand identity.”

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