MultiChoice Report Tells Exciting Story Of Sustainable Impact


MultiChoice has published its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report for the financial year. The report which outlines the company’s progress in addressing socio-economic and climate challenges to create a more inclusive society and contribute to Africa’s sustainable future was issued recently.

The Organization’s ESG strategies and initiatives which align with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have a specific focus on areas where it can make a direct contribution to positive outcomes in the communities in which it operates.

Speaking on the report, Tumi Masekela, Executive head of Corporate Affairs South Africa of MultiChoice said “We are committed to play our part in Africa’s growth and development and have been doing so for more than 38 years. Today, we reach more than 100 million people across 50 countries. We use our experience, expertise, and platforms to drive economic, environmental, and social change.”

“Our initiatives focus on employment creation, skills development, support of small businesses, caring for our environment and advocacy against gender-based violence. Our report tells the stories of the impact these initiatives are making to unleash Africa’s potential,” he added.

Highlights in the report include; Socio-economic development

MultiChoice contributed tax revenues totaling R11.8bn across the continent and invested R324m in Corporate Social Investment initiatives.

Caring for our environment

Although our carbon footprint is minimal, we play our part in addressing climate challenges across Africa. We adhere to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and have implemented energy and water efficiency in all our buildings. We reduced our carbon footprint from 86,080 to 75,060 tonnes of CO2e.
We partnered with The Earthshot Prize to support and elevate organisations and individuals in Africa who are championing efforts to save our planet. This is a global environmental prize awarded to five winners in five categories, with each winner receiving a GBP1m grant to continue their work. A start-up based in Kenya, Mukuru Clean Stores, was announced the winner of the environmental prize for clean air in December 2022.

Supporting entrepreneurs

We provide start-up entrepreneurs and established small businesses with financial support and mentorship in business development and business management. In 2022, 20 entrepreneurs from South Africa participated in the MultiChoice Accelerator programme during which six finalists secured more than USD12m in investment from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The accelerator programme has been expanded to include: Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Angola, Ivory Coast, and Senegal.

Source: Bizcommunity

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