Setting Agenda For New Information Minister


As Nigeria welcomes a new Minister for Information and National Orientation, the nation stands at a critical juncture. The Ministry of Information plays a pivotal role in shaping public perception, promoting government policies, and fostering national unity.

To ensure success in this vital role, The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) industry has shown its readiness, as always, to help the new minister adjust speedily 

As a first step to repositioning governance, IMC Stakeholders have called on the minister to manage government information professionally, manage Nigeria’s image proactively, collaborate with key players in the industry, and align industry parastatals with professional agencies to ensure a comprehensive involvement of all groups in the contributions to the country’s economic growth and improve the orientation of its citizens.

Views of some sectoral leaders and other experts on what the new Information minister should focus on are served hear for your consumption.

‘Engaging with the leadership of key associations is key to elevating the Relevance of the ministry’

-Stanislaus Martins – President, Association of Digital Marketing Professionals of Nigeria (ADMARP) And Regional Meta Director, SSA.  Ad Dynamo by Aleph

 I think one thing we have lacked in recent times is transparency in communication coming from this ministry.

He should consider engaging with key stakeholders and establishing open lines of communication with the public at large – This is one way to build trust with the people. Utilizing innovative digital channels to make this happen can be a game-changer for the ministry.

 The new minister should embrace a sense of collaboration and innovation. He should prioritize local talent/enterprises that can help elevate the sector over international ones. 

Engaging with the leadership of key associations is key to elevating the industry. He needs to embrace local public-private partnerships, nurture the growing start-ups in the space, and focus on how to drive quality education and development that will make local entities competitive globally.

He needs to form strategic alliances with big tech, provide them with an enabling environment to thrive and develop the local ecosystem. While regulation is essential, it shouldn’t be designed to stifle the growth of a sector, it shouldn’t be designed to frustrate the already struggling small businesses in Nigeria. As an example, Digital Marketing is still in its infancy in Nigeria whether we like it or not, we should be designing policies that enable it to reach its full potential.

He needs a visionary approach to aligning his parastatals and agencies to solve the problems of today and future trends. Upskill the team and ensure they all have the tools to do their work effectively.  Use technology to improve the operations of his ministry as a whole.

Enhancing Nigeria’s image globally starts with embracing our unique heritage and fixing our image even at home. How can his ministry support and grow even the less celebrated areas where we as Nigerians excel – technology, science, literature, etc.? How do we ensure that we make Nigeria an attractive investment destination for FDI?

‘He needs to interact more with the Marketing Communications Industry’

-Steve Babaeko, PRESIDENT, Advertising Agencies Association of Nigeria (AAAN) AND CEO, X3M IDEAS

There are so many things that AAAN as a body is looking forward to engaging the minister.  We are looking at the issues of reform in the industry, all of the new ARCON laws, and consolidation on all that we have recorded in the industry so far. We wish him a very successful tenure.

The new minister needs to interact more with the Media/Marketing Communications Industry and break away from previous typical government establishments of the past years.

Nigerians as a people have been super successful globally in the creatives, the arts, and sports with little to no government involvement. How can the government get involved to grow and amplify these successes globally?

‘Accelerate activities around the Audience measurement system (AMS) And Institute the ARCON Council’

Femi Adelusi President, Media Independents Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MIPAN) and CEO of BrandEye

The AMS enables advertisers to answer essential questions in advertising. It equally enables proper pricing of advertising time and inventories by stations. The data and insight also empower and reward content developers and owners to appropriately price the creative works. With the right reward comes encouragement to more quality content.

 You will recall that the Late MIPAN President, Mr Tolu Ogunkoya (a former MIPAN President) was the Chairman of the Federal Government Task Force on Audience Measurement until his untimely passing some months ago. The industry awaits the appointment of a successor so we can continue to drive the expectations of the AMS. It will be nice if the minister hastens this.

 This is in relation to the digital television transition from analog, also called the digital switchover (DSO). There has been so much hope and promises, but not much to show for the results and implementations.

Secondly, for many years now, many have called for the constitution of the ARCON Council to ensure broader sectoral participation, foster collaboration, enable positive dialogue, and erase/limit feelings of dominance/neglect by any sectoral group. It would be great if the minister could work on this.

‘All hands should be on deck to achieve the best possible for the nation’

Tolu Medebem, President, Experiential Marketers Association of Nigeria (EXMAN) and CEO, Aster Integrated Marketing Limited

The Ministry of Information must be intentional about safeguarding and dispensing information in the appropriate context. As well as leveraging and showcasing whatever insights or data we are gathering from available information. Leveraging data to develop and grow our various sectors of the industries.

Making the industry a collaborative approach as is currently ongoing would be beneficial to the industry and as such should be encouraged and enhanced, especially with special reference to the ARCON DG’s ongoing reforms (for the benefit/betterment of our ecosystem).

Together, in a symbiotic relationship where regular constructive consultations take place between the government and the various trade sectoral bodies within the marketing Communications ecosystem, we can achieve so much more.

Managing Nigeria’s image and improving citizen orientation, we must all consciously work together intentionally on this brand called Nigeria. Therefore, our actions and inactions would have an effect on how the outside world perceives us as a nation, most especially in these days when the world is a ‘global bedroom’.

dialogue with the advertising industry and take time to understand the industry in order to appreciate its potential

‘Dialogue And Take Time To Understand The Industry To Appreciate Its Potential’


 The new Minister needs to dialogue with the advertising industry and take time to understand the industry in order to appreciate its potential.

With Nigeria’s ambition to optimise the potential of its Creative Economy towards exponentially growing its GDP and providing jobs for the teaming youth population, advertising is a low-hanging fruit through which the creative talents of Nigeria’s youth can be unleashed for high impact.

The industry can significantly impact the Nigerian film, broadcast, and music industries, as well as explore the modeling careers of many young Nigerians. Beyond narrow industry impact, the country is in dire need of industrialisation to boost double-digit GDP growth desperately needed to turn around our economy. Advertising is a great enabler of high commerce that can help build brands that transcend Nigeria’s borders while boosting our industrial capacity.

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