Team Chicken & Veggie Clinches First Spot In BBNaija All-Stars Minimie Noodles Task


The atmosphere of BBNaij All-Stars house was filled with the tantalizing aroma of different flavours, as housemates’ culinary skills were tested in the Minimie Instant Noodles task.

Minimie Instant Noodles, a high-quality and respectable brand of instant Noodles from the Dufil powerhouse made judicious use of the spotlight presented in the competition.

The excitement regenerated during the brand’s cooking competition re-emphasized the quality, unique taste as well as suitable accompaniments that could be added to garnish instant Noodles for healthier consumption.

The task had the remaining 9 housemates grouped into three teams. Team Party Jollof had Mercy Eke, Angel and Cross, Team Sloppy Chicken had Cee-C, Adekunle and Pere while Team Chicken and Veggie had Illebaye Soma and Venita.

The cooking competition had the three teams prepare their Minimie Noodles recipes with ingredients provided for them in three boxes. They were given 30 minutes to prepare a meal and 5 minutes for presentation.

The meal presentation was done by two team members. One held the meal out for viewers and other housemates to see while the other did the presentation.

The task was evaluated by the fastest team to wear the cooking merchandise, the taste of their meals and presentation skills.

Venita, Illebaye and Soma of team Chicken and Veggie emerged as the overall winner with a total of 13 points at the end of the task.

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