Wema Bank Partners Selar To Deepen Creative Space In Africa


Wema Bank, Nigeria’s most innovative bank, and creators platform, Selar are collaborating to empower creatives and bridge the existing knowledge gap in the African creative space.

According to the partners in a statement released on Wednesday, the partnership will result in a power-packed webinar titled “The Digital Economy and Future of Work” targeted at helping Africans, especially Nigerian creators to maximise their potential and leverage available resources to transform their creativity into sustainable streams of income.

The webinar which holds tomorrow, Friday, September 29 will illuminate the challenges and prospects that creators encounter as they navigate the terrain and offer insights into effectively tapping into its potential.

According to a survey conducted by Selar, one in every four creators is an employer, a testament to the potential for creators not only to earn but to create job opportunities, thus bolstering the African Creator Economy as a stable and lucrative source of income, which in turn reduces unemployment rates in Africa.

In his remarks, Solomon Ayodele, Head of Innovation & Corporate Transformation at Wema Bank and one of the speakers at the event commended the bank’s commitment to innovation, recounting the bank’s storied history of resilience and technological advancement. He affirmed Wema Bank’s dedication to equipping its customers with practical knowledge to help them monetize the digital sphere effectively.

According to Douglas Kendyson, C.E.O. of Selar and another speaker at tomorrow’s event, the dream is for the partnership to mark the beginning of a strong network of groundbreaking initiatives from both powerhouses of Wema Bank and Selar to revolutionise the creative space in Africa and build more jobs for Africans all over the world. “I’ve been in the tech space for years now and Wema Bank has been at the forefront of innovation—from digital banking alternatives like ALAT to youth-empowering technology programmes like Hackaholics and much more—all of which have shaped the entire FinTech industry, which is why this partnership is so important to us at Selar”.

Key speakers for the webinar include Douglas Kendyson, Solomon Ayodele, Benjamin Dada (Founder/Publisher, Benjamin Dada Blog), and Senior Manoa, one of Nigeria’s premier creators.

This event welcomes attendees from all walks of life, from budding creators to established entrepreneurs eager to harness the dynamic potential of the creator economy.

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