CWAY Expands Portfolio, Unveils Fizzy Apple Drink

From left: Mr Sam Akinrimisi, Deputy Marketing Director, CWAY; George Odinaka, Digital Marketing Lead, CWAY; Jean Pack, Modern Trade Sales, CWAY; Segun Ibidapo-Obe, Brand and Marketing Manager, Fizzy Apple Drink and Tolu Fajemidagba,  Sales Manager, CWAY, at the launch of the new Fizzy Apple Drink in Lagos, recently.

CWAY Food & Beverages, a renowned name in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry, has expanded its portfolio of drinks with the introduction of the much-anticipated Fizzy Apple Drink, ahead of the fast approaching festive season.

The official launch event, which recently took place at the CWAY headquarters, was part of the CWAY’s way of offering superior options that offer an unparalleled combination of quality, taste, and affordability, according to the company.

The grand launch event was graced by stakeholders from the beverage industry, members of the media, and brand ambassadors representing various CWAY brands, among other distinguished guests. Parts of highlights for the day was the grand unveiling of the new brand, a paint and sip session attendees and an interactive question and answer session with members of the media.

In his welcome address, Mr. Rohit Prakash, the Marketing Director of CWAY, emphasized the company’s longstanding dedication to catering to the unique tastes and expectations of its consumers. He highlighted that CWAY’s foray into the Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) market with Fizzy Apple Drink is a response to the discerning consumers’ desire for a premium apple-flavored beverage that tantalizes their taste buds and delivers the essence of apple with a delightful fizz, in line with the brand’s tagline – “Taste the Fizz.”

Towing the same line, Deputy Marketing Director of CWAY, Samuel O. Akinrimisi, in agreement, shared valuable insights into the brand’s extensive research and development process that shows that it is every Nigerians’ delight. He mentioned that the Fizzy Apple Drink triumphed in a blind taste test, with an impressive 69% of respondents expressing a preference for it. “We conducted a blind test and 69% of the respondents said they preferred the Fizzy Apple drink. The truth is when you place the Fizzy Apple-flavoured drink with other competing brands in the market; know that 69% percent would prefer Fizzy Apple drink.”

Akinrimisi highlighted the uniqueness of Fizzy Apple Drink as a refreshing fruit-flavored beverage designed to deliver an exceptional taste experience with every sip, balancing sweetness and apple flavor to perfection, while reaffirming CWAY’s mission to provide the Nigerian market with an authentic taste at an affordable price while maintaining the highest quality standards. “Nigeria is a country known for its fun, vibrancy and energy, and it is our privilege to introduce a brand that enhances the moments of Nigerian consumers,” he noted.

Recognizing the competitive landscape of the fruit-flavored carbonated soft drink category, the Brand Manager, Segun Obe, shed light on the key drivers of success for Fizzy Apple Drink. These include a competitive price point, larger volume content, appealing packaging, and an unparalleled taste that sets Fizzy Apple apart from other offerings in the market.

Explaining the origin of the name “Fizzy,” Obe stated, “Before finalizing the name and the product’s visual identity, we engaged with consumers to ensure we created a product that truly encapsulates the essence and image of the brand. Change is a constant in life, and our expansion signifies our growth as a business. We recognize the need for a carbonated drink that provides a cool, affordable option in Nigeria’s humid climate.”

Tolu Fajemidagba, the Sales Manager for CWAY Food and Beverages, emphasized the company’s commitment to becoming the most influential Foods and Beverages Manufacturing Group in Africa and the world. She affirmed that Fizzy’s presence will be ubiquitous across Nigeria, aligning with CWAY’s vision to satisfy the market comprehensively.

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