Lagos State Unveils $100m Film City Project


The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has unveiled a $ 100 million film city project in the state, expected to be executed through a private-public partnership (PPP).

According to the governor, the project aims at boosting innovation, talent discovery and storytelling and is a product of a partnership with Del-York International Group.

Media report that the 100-hectare live, work and play facility boasts 900 meters of prime waterfront, a location in the serene and picturesque Ejinrin town, in Epe Local Government Area of the state.

Speaking at the official groundbreaking ceremony in Epe, Sanwo-Olu said the “first film city in Lagos State” will create numerous job opportunities, stimulate economic growth and attract investment.

He added that the city will be a hub for film production, post-production, visual effects, and ancillary services that support filmmaking.

In his words, “We envision a film city that is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, sound stages, editing suites, production offices, and everything necessary to bring the magic of the silver screen to life.”

Linus Idahosa, CEO and Founder of Del-York Group, who conceived the idea three years ago, said the venture is more than a catalyst for creative mastery, economic vibrancy and job generation. He said it will serve as a key that unlocks an extraordinary future for the state.

He expressed hope that collaboration between the Lagos Film City and the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture will generate a substantial economic impact.

His words, “Collaboration is the heartbeat of creativity. With the Lagos Film City, we will unite diverse cultures in a shared creative vision, serving as a melting pot where the global creative community converges and collaborates. When we come together, work in unison, and craft stories together, we don’t just make art; we make history. Lagos has the potential to not only be a hub but also the epicentre of the global entertainment industry.”

Idahosa said with the anticipated influx of international visitors, the tourism sector alone will contribute significantly to the local economy, boosting revenue by over 20 per cent in coming years.

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