Meta Launches Generative AI Tools For Advertisers


Meta Platforms has launched generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools for advertisers on its platform.

According to reports, the company revealed that these AI tools are capable of generating content such as image backgrounds and various textual variations for advertisers.

Recall that in May, Meta initiated the testing phase of these tools, providing access to a select group of advertisers in a designated “testing playground.”

According to the company, these tools will soon become accessible through Meta’s Ads Manager, and the complete rollout is slated for completion by next year.

The AI tool rollout represents Meta’s initial venture into integrating generative AI technology into its products. It enables the extraction of valuable insights from vast archives of historical data to generate fresh content, including written prose, artwork, and software code.

Recently, the company announced its intentions to empower businesses with the use of AI for business messaging on Messenger and WhatsApp, facilitating more effective customer engagement.

Meta boasts a portfolio of AI products, featuring its language model “Llama 2” and an AI chatbot named Meta AI, proficient in crafting text responses and generating photorealistic images.

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