Naija No Dey Carry Last: AAAN’s Musical Masterstroke In Storytelling To Bond Brand Nigeria


It was most probably from the remarkable depth of his discernment, and level of awareness that renowned Film Composer, Bernard Herrmann made this declaration; “Music can propel narrative swiftly forward…. It often lifts mere dialogue into the realm of poetry. It is the communicating link between the screen and the audience, reaching out and enveloping all into one single experience.”

The Power Of Music

Music is an art form universally recognized for its mood-altering qualities and its ability to compulsively influence behaviours. Neurologists have discovered that music activates many unexpected areas of the brain like emotion and memory, and they also tell us that “the brain’s wiring emphatically relies on emotion over intellect in decision-making.”

Music remains a powerful way of uniting people: national anthems connect crowds at sporting and national events, protest songs stir a sense of shared purpose during marches, hymns build group identity in houses of worship, love songs help prospective partners bond during courtship and lullabies enable parents and infants to develop secure attachments.

While some, on this special day, would have picked the easy path of a terse message that would not be recalled after a few hours, not so for a sagacious body of creative advertising agencies led by the indefatigable President, Steve Babaeko.

AAAN Celebrates Nigeria @ 63

With the awareness that music can be used to create a positive atmosphere in virtually every situation, the Advertising Agencies Association in Nigeria (AAAN), in a recent collaboration that resonates with the spirit of unity and patriotism, joined forces with the renowned Nigerian musician and songwriter, Cobhams Asuquo, to create a powerful song titled “Naija No Dey Carry Last” to mark Nigeria’s 63rd Independence day celebration.

Steve Babaeko and his team must have realized clearly that if you want to appeal to the subconscious and compel a nation or people to act, you have to form an emotional connection with a strong instrument. Music is a powerful, invisible tool that can achieve that goal. It’s an intricate expression of controllable elements that help influence the way people interpret messages. 

Music allows you to tell your story differently. It increases the value of your content by steering storylines, driving audience engagement, and increasing consumer retention – making your story not only more interesting but very impactful.

Little wonder this meticulously crafted anthem, “Naija No Dey Carry Last” is making a lot of waves in less than 72 hours of its emergence. From its composition, sound design; production, and audio mixing as well as other critical areas, even a casual observer will note clearly that all aspects were handled by the best professionals in the industry. This uplifting song serves as a testament to the ability of music to deepen storytelling and foster stronger bonds even within a diverse nation like Nigeria.

 Music & Storytelling

Music has always played a significant role in storytelling across cultures and throughout history. In Nigeria, where diverse ethnic groups and languages coexist, music serves as a universal language that transcends barriers and communicates messages that resonate with people from all walks of life. The enviable performance “Naija No Dey Carry Last” is a prime example of how music can convey a powerful narrative.

The anthem carries messages of unity, resilience, and pride in being Nigerian. It reminds citizens that they share a common identity and heritage, despite their diverse backgrounds. The song will remain a medium for preserving history and cultural narratives and will strengthen the social fabric of Brand Nigeria.

Creating a Shared Experience

 Music brings people together, fostering a sense of community and shared experience. As Nigerians sing along to this new anthem, they become part of a collective expression of love and hope for their nation. Also, by utilizing music as a storytelling tool, AAAN has the opportunity to inspire Nigerians to take pride in their nation and contribute to its development.

Better Bonding and Social Integration:

In a nation as diverse as Nigeria, where over 250 ethnic groups and languages are spoken, creating a sense of unity and belonging can be a significant challenge. However, music has consistently proven to be a unifying force. This is where “Naija No Dey Carry Last” and similar initiatives can contribute to better bonding in Nigeria: Since the song embraces elements from various Nigerian cultures, celebrating the nation’s diversity. This integration will encourage people to appreciate and respect each other’s cultures, fostering a sense of inclusion. It will also instill a sense of pride in being Nigerian and as people sing and dance to the same tune, they forge connections and build social bonds. This communal experience can help bridge gaps between different groups within Nigeria.

The collaboration between the AAAN and Cobhams Asuquo to create “Naija No Dey Carry Last” exemplifies the power of music in storytelling and its potential to deepen the bond among Nigerians.

Released on October 1, 2023, ‘Naija No Dey Carry Last’ is not merely a song; it is an anthem of resilience and unity, with the primary aim of inspiring young people. The lyrics of the song subtly and repeatedly echo ‘This is your country, so you have to believe in the Nigerian dream.’

The song, produced by X3M Music and MAD Solutions LLC, celebrates Nigeria’s achievements, highlighting its position as a leader in music and film on the African continent. Steve Babaeko, President of the AAAN, believes that recognizing these feats that the country has achieved could be the driving force for citizens to help Nigeria propel to greater heights despite governmental shortcomings.

His words: “At a time when Nigeria faces what appear to be insurmountable challenges, it is essential for us to recognize and reflect on our achievements in various fields as Nigerians. In music and film, Nigeria has consistently set the pace for the African continent. Only by acknowledging how far we’ve come in music and other sectors can we find the motivation to believe that, together, we can accomplish even more,”

With his recent appointment as Chairman of the Brand Nigeria Committee, by the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, (ARCON) Steve Babaeko should be extensively motivated by the superb performance of “Naija No Dey Carry Last” to serve and develop something sustainable in terms of branding for this great country. There is an urgent need to give the country a beautiful face which is why it is time to look at the brighter side of life in Nigeria.

In a country as diverse as Nigeria, music serves as a unifying force, connecting people through a shared narrative of hope, unity, and pride. This anthem is not just a song; it is a testament to the enduring spirit of Nigeria and a call for its citizens to come together to create a brighter future. Through music, Nigeria can continue to tell its story and build a stronger, more united nation.

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