New NCC Boss Promises Affordable Broadband Internet Services In Nigeria


The newly appointed Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Aminu Maida has promised to prioritise the goal of making affordable and dependable broadband internet services accessible to all Nigerian citizens.

Maida said this during his official interaction with the Senior Staff at the headquarters of the Commission. He informed the senior management team that he intends to reorient the Commission’s regulatory priorities to support President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Renewed Hope agenda, which is aimed at advancing the country’s digital transformation efforts.

The new NCC Boss said the Commission needed to lead the nation’s digital transformation agenda and ensure that all Nigerians have access to affordable and reliable broadband services.

He lauded the achievements of the previous leadership of the Commission, saying that they have built a resilient telecoms industry for the country.

In a statement signed by the Director of Public Affairs of the NCC, Reuben Muoka, Maida promised effective broadband infrastructure diffusion across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

He said, “Because many people are going more digital and virtual in everything they do, the telecom infrastructure is now under much stress. President Tinubu’s vision emphasises the need to build more robust broadband connectivity that will not only facilitate seamless digital transactions but also serve as the bedrock for e-governance and other socio-economic initiatives.

“We would align with this aspiration to increase broadband penetration to 70 per cent and to cover 90 per cent of the population by 2025. Therefore, we need to build a reliable telecom industry with impressive quality of service (QoS) indicators with quality of experience (QoE) as our watchword and ultimate goal. This also requires us to address several issues such as the Right of Way (RoW) challenge, and ensuring the security of our telecom infrastructure, among others. Efforts must be made to significantly improve service delivery by ensuring the NCC is performance-driven,” he explained.

He further stated “Mr President has a very clear agenda from which all of us are going to take our direction. The two major areas are job creation and enabling the digital economy. Where we are going in a nutshell is; that everything that we do in this Commission has to align directly with the Strategic Plan of the Hon. Minister of Communications, Innovations and Digital Economy, Dr Bosun Tijani and ultimately to the Renewed Hope agenda of His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. We would not deviate from that.

“We would not entertain anything that deviates from this direction because my key performance indicators (KPIs) are fed into the Minister’s KPIs and the President’s KPIs come from the electorate that put him into power. The Hon. Minister has said clearly that he is ready to build a robust digital infrastructure and empower three million Nigerians digitally and we have to do our best to support him in this regard,” he said.

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