X Excites Users With Video, Audio Calling Features


Elon Musk’s X, formerly known as Twitter, has added video and audio calling features to the app. This will allow users to place video and audio calls to one another.

While announcing the new features in its post on the platform last Wednesday, X said, “We’re launching a new means of communication on X, Audio and Video Calling. Audio and Video calling is now available on iOS and will soon be available on Android.”

Right now, only X Premium (Twitter Blue) users on iOS can use these features. But X is planning to bring them to Android users soon.

The app says users can “take messaging to the next level” by placing an audio or video call and allows users to select whether they want to allow audio and video calls from people in their address book, people they follow or verified users.

Notably, if you use X for free, you can still get calls. You can decide who can call you by changing your Direct Messaging settings. By default, you can get calls from people you follow or have in your address book. But there is a rule: to make a call, both people need to have sent Direct Messages to each other at least once.

When X announced the updated feature of users being able to make calls would be coming soon, Elon Musk the CEO of X, took to the platform to explain that the feature would work on iOS, Android, Mac and PC and that having a phone number would not be needed to use the feature.

He described the feature as turning the platform into “the effective global address book.” Since Musk purchased the social media platform almost exactly a year ago, he’s made several changes to the features.

Over the summer, Musk announced the platform would no longer allow users to block accounts. He also created the paid Blue subscription model which restricts the feature formerly known as Tweetdeck to Blue subscribers.

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