Zoom To Add Document Editing Innovation To Meeting Features


Zoom Video Communications Inc. has announced the expansion of its offerings by adding document editing innovation to its meeting features.

The company announced on Tuesday ahead of its annual conference, that the Collaborative document editing, similar to Alphabet Google Docs, will be made available in Zoom next year.

Smita Hashim, Chief Product Officer at Zoom Video Communications Inc., revealed that what sets the tool apart is the ability to include information and AI-generated summaries from Zoom meetings, enhancing its capabilities.

These innovations include adding interactive virtual objects to meetings for purposes such as product advertising or education and a feature that interprets participants’ nonverbal cues, suggesting when someone wishes to speak.

The company said that despite experiencing significant revenue growth, soaring to $4.1 billion from 2020 to 2022 due to its pandemic-driven popularity has faced challenges as offices reopened and competition intensified.

Although, analysts predict modest sales growth of less than 2% in the coming quarters. To rekindle growth, Zoom is diversifying its suite of business tools beyond video meetings, it added.

Zoom already recorded early success with its office phone service, generating approximately $500 million annually, and its customer-service center offering, which serves over 500 clients.

While usage numbers for other tools like email and calendar introduced last year remain undisclosed, Zoom is actively exploring innovative features, as indicated by recent patent filings.

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