Coronation Group, Lagos State, Enterprise Ngr Partner To Position Lagos As Africa’s Premier Financial Centre


…forges global partnerships for growth at the iconic lord mayor’s show

Coronation Group, Africa’s investment management powerhouse has announced its Platinum Sponsorship for Lagos State and Enterprise NGR’s history-making participation in the 805th procession of the prestigious Lord Mayor’s Show in London.

In this groundbreaking collaboration, Lagos State and EnterpriseNGR aim to position Lagos as Africa’s premier financial centre, with the newly inaugurated Lagos International Financial Centre (LIFC) Council at the forefront of this transformative journey. Coronation Group’s Platinum Sponsorship underscores its commitment to fostering economic growth, innovation, and global partnerships within the African financial landscape.

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Governor of Lagos State and Chair of the LIFC Council, emphasised that the Lord Mayor’s Show is not merely a display of pageantry but a strategic opportunity to showcase Lagos on a global platform. Coronation Group’s support aligns with this vision, recognising the profound impact of such initiatives on Africa’s economic prominence.

Addressing the strategic intent behind the sponsorship, Wole Onasanya, MD/CEO of Coronation Group said, Coronation Group serves as a dynamic force for driving transformative change across Africa’s financial landscape. Through our Platinum Sponsorship, we actively demonstrate our unwavering dedication to catalysing sustainable development and nurturing strategic partnerships that significantly contribute to the economic prosperity of Lagos and Nigeria. This pledge not only reinforces our shared vision for the future of Lagos State but also underscores the paramount significance of forging global partnerships to position Nigeria as Africa’s premier financial market.

As the Voice of Enterprise, EnterpriseNGR’s pivotal role in advocating for the growth of Nigeria’s Financial and Professional Services sector aligns seamlessly with Coronation Group’s mission. The collaboration at the Lord Mayor’s Show signifies a shared dedication to showcasing Lagos as an open and thriving business destination.

The Lagos International Financial Centre (LIFC) Council, backed by Coronation Group’s Platinum Sponsorship, is poised to establish Africa’s premier International Financial Centre, promoting global best practices and competitiveness.

As Lagos, represented by the Governor, EnterpriseNGR and the LIFC Council, engages in strategic meetings in London in the coming weeks, Coronation Group remains steadfast in its support, echoing the resounding message: “Lagos is open for business. Come and invest in Africa’s economic powerhouse.”

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