Zing, Excitement As Golden Penny Mayonnaise Is Unveiled


Golden Penny Foods, one of the largest food brands in Nigeria, has unveiled Golden Penny Mayonnaise. It is a unique mayonnaise made from a special blend of healthy ingredients like Omega 6 and 0mega 3 to add vitality and zest to every consumer.

The unveiling of the product took place last Wednesday at the NECA House Event Centre, Ikeja in Lagos. The event witnessed top dealers, partners, and Lagos socialites in attendance. Golden Penny Foods is a subsidiary of Flour Mills Nigeria (FMN),

The Golden Penny Foods brand, with its commitment to feed the nation daily, has continued to produce superior quality products ranging from pasta to noodles, ball foods, flour, breakfast cereal, edible oil & fats, etc. to the satisfying pleasure of its consumers.

Speaking on the Brand’s vision of becoming the leading B2C & B2B food company in sub-Saharan Africa, the Managing Director, Foods Commercial at Flour Mills Nigeria, Mr. Devlin Hainsworth said, ”We are targeting something like 10x growth. We have to keep expanding our existing categories. There are lots of opportunities in the penetration and frequencies. We plan to grow more and continue to build up from 38 million every day to 50 million and beyond. We can only do this by being true to what consumers want in Nigeria.

“We have in the pipeline new launches, it was about two months ago that we relaunched our Chicken Flavour noodles and before that, we had new flavours, but before that, we had Jollof in the Noodles. Three months ago, we launched the Chocoh spread. And then two years back we came with Golden Penny Amazing Day Cereals which is doing very well. Golden Penny Chin-chin was launched recently as well.

Commenting on the new product, he said, “The Golden Penny Mayonnaise has great quality and it has a distinctive taste, colour, texture and it’s something new to the category, the nutritional benefit with the Omega 3 and Omega 6. The emotional value, we identified a space here which is all about the “zing”.

“When you put Mayonnaise on a salad, on your fries, or burger, or spread on your bread and Shawarma, you are effectively putting a zing on the food which widens your imagination. Zing is a very good thing; it means zest, vitality, and liveliness. We all need more zing in our lives every day. Consumers can put a zing on anything. So just thinking of putting a zing on all we do helps our imagination. The good thing is that the Golden Penny Mayonnaise is for everyone. The product gives you that zing, energy and vitality. The whole package makes it beautiful together”.

On his part, the Site Operation Manager at Flour Mills Nigeria, Mr. Gregory Ehimhen said, “Every product we are involved in, if we do not see the credential to succeed or outperform whoever is the largest in that space, we don’t go into it. The company has put a lot of resources and experience into this product. What you see here is not what we woke up overnight to bring to the marketplace. This took us about four years to process until we were sure that what we bring will beat and outperform the number one in the marketplace. We are launching this mayonnaise today because we are sure it is the best you will get in any part of Nigeria”

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