GeoPoll Presents Landmark Nigeria TV Audience Survey to Nigeria


GeoPoll, a global leader in remote research, revolutionizing data collection across Africa, Asia, and Latin America has formally presented the results of the Nigeria TAM Establishment Survey to the Honourable Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, and the Ministerial Task Force in Abuja.

The milestone survey, conducted over six months by GeoPoll, provides critical data that can enable the launch of a robust and credible national television audience measurement system in Nigeria.

Making the presentation, its Regional Director for Africa, Matt Angus-Hammond, noted that implementing such a survey in a complex country of over 200 million people speaking 500 languages is an impressive achievement reflecting the vision and determination of Nigeria’s media industry, regulators, broadcasters and government. The data provided lays the foundation for a new era in the dynamic and creative Nigerian media sector.

The Nigeria TAM Establishment Survey consisted of 60,000 nationwide in-person household interviews within a geographic information system-powered multi-stage cluster sampling frame. The massive undertaking was made possible by GeoPoll’s experience conducting large-scale surveys across the developing world, coupled with innovative technology use in the field and tireless work by project managers, operations staff, finance teams and field interviewers.

Pollard further remarked, “Africa’s largest economy has a media industry that is primed for rapid growth, but is being held back by a lack of robust and credible national audience measurement from which advertisers can make confident data-driven investment decisions.”

He continued, “Very proud to have completed this challenging but important survey. The results presented today can enable significant opportunities for the future of the Nigerian media industry.”

The Minister of Information and National Orientation and Task Force responded positively to the presentation, affirming their commitment to utilizing the Establishment Survey data to launch a formal national measurement system for the Nigerian television industry as soon as feasible.

Since inception in 2012 when it pioneered the first mass survey in the DRC via text message, GeoPoll has continuously evolved to deliver unparalleled data quality to humanitarian organizations, governments, and leading brands.

GeoPoll’s robust, high-volume technology platform enables survey research around the world through multiple mobile-based modes, including live voice calls, short messaging service (SMS), online modes, the GeoPoll App, and in-person interviews. The platform supports all research steps, from questionnaire scripting, to sending and receiving millions of surveys per day at scale, and has built-in processes for real-time quality control, validity, and data flow checks.

Our dedicated team of experienced researchers predominantly based around the regions GeoPoll serves, stands by our clients’ side, providing guidance, expertise, and local context throughout the data collection process.

GeoPoll’s impactful insights fuel informed decision-making on critical issues such as food security, healthcare, program monitoring and evaluation, disaster relief, consumer behavior, and media engagement. From fostering sustainable development to driving strategic interventions, we empower organizations to unlock the true potential of their data.

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