New AI-Inspired Initiative, “Keeping Up with Elev8media” Debuts


Elev8Media Advertising Ltd, a pioneer in innovative advertising solutions has announced its latest venture – “Keeping Up with Elev8media,” an avant-garde initiative utilizing artificial intelligence-created character to deliver live updates on current clients and day-to-day activities on our billboards.

In an era where engagement and real-time connectivity are paramount, Elev8Media is pushing the boundaries of traditional advertising. “Keeping Up with Elev8media” introduces a fresh approach by leveraging AI-generated character (Jill)  to provide dynamic and engaging content on our digital billboards. These characters seamlessly integrate into the urban landscape, offering updates on Elev8media’s client success stories, latest campaigns, and company highlights.

This initiative aligns with Elev8 Media’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and advertising. By incorporating AI-created characters, Elev8media aims to captivate audiences and enhance the overall consumer experience through a unique blend of technology and creativity.

Elev8Media CEO, Mr. Funmilade Alalade, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “Innovation is at the core of Elev8media’s DNA. ‘Keeping Up with Elev8media’ not only reflects our dedication to embracing cutting-edge technologies but also reinforces our commitment to delivering engaging and relevant content to our audience.”

The AI characters, developed with precision and creativity, will interact with real-time data, ensuring that the information displayed on billboards is both timely and accurate. This initiative not only amplifies Elev8media’s client visibility but also sets a new standard for interactive and dynamic outdoor advertising.

“Keeping Up with Elev8media” is set to redefine how companies connect with their audiences in the digital age. Elev8media invites everyone to witness this groundbreaking initiative as it unfolds on our social media platforms.

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