Nigerian Soccer Captain Sets World Record With Eco-friendly Football Boots


Nigerian soccer captain Williams Troost-Ekong has set a world record by being the first football player to wear eco-friendly boots during Nigeria’s opening Africa Cup of Nations fixture against Equatorial Guinea recently.

The boots were made by the Sokito brand based in the UK feature a design inspired by the Nigerian landscape and incorporate the green colourway of the national team’s iconic kit. They are made from sustainable materials such as corn waste, sugarcane and bamboo.

Speaking about his decision, Troost-Ekong said, “I enjoyed being part of the boot development process, I love the vibrant design and connection to nature.”

Sokito founder, Jake Hardy, also praised the captain’s commitment to sustainability in football.

Troost-Ekong is one of 16 professional players who invested in London-based startup Sokito in 2023. The company produces boots made from recycled and plant-based materials to reduce environmental impact.

Discussing his reasons for investing, the defender cited an alignment in outlooks and Sokito’s pledges to offset players’ carbon footprints. His debut of the custom boots at AFCON 2024 highlights the increasing attention on sustainability in football.

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