Nutri-Yo Rejigs Identity, Now Fortified With More Vitamins, Minerals

L-R: Rohit Prakash Gupta, Marketing Director, CWAY Group; Vishal Patil, General Manager, CWAY Group; Jennifer Egbuonu, Brand Manager, Nutri-Yo; Ethan Chen, Group Sales Director, CWAY Group; and Sam Akinrimisi, Deputy Marketing Director, CWAY at the relaunch of Nutri-Yo held recently at Radisson Blu, Ikeja, Lagos State.

Nutri-Yo, a leading yogurt brand in Nigeria, has unveiled a refreshed brand identity and reformulated product line to deliver enhanced nutrition to consumers.

Unveiling the new look Nutri-Yo to its distributors and partners at a posh event in Radisson Blu, GRA Ikeja, the company revealed that the move is in its commitment to consistently innovate in giving the consumer only the best they deserve.

In his opening remarks, Vishal Patil, General Manager of CWAY Group, expressed excitement about the Nutri-Yo rebrand signifying the company’s unrelenting commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and exceeding expectations.

Highlighting the journey since Nutri-Yo’s inception in 2018, Patil emphasized the brand’s integral role in Nigeria’s food and beverage landscape. Acknowledging the evolving global landscape, he affirmed the brand’s dedication to staying ahead of consumer needs through continuous transformation.

Patil added, “The new Nutri-Yo is a complete re-imagination, born out of meticulous analysis and an unwavering commitment to not only produce a nutritious drink but also meet the evolving needs of our consumers. This relaunch signifies our promise to remain at the forefront of anticipating needs and exceeding expectations.”

Rohit Prakash Gupta, Marketing Director of CWAY Group, reiterated the brand’s commitment to enhancing product quality. Gupta stated, “Nutri-Yo is crafted with our consumers in mind, aiming to offer the finest yogurt available. This relaunch is an important step in our ongoing commitment to innovation.”

In his address, Mr. Samuel O. Akinrimisi, Deputy Marketing Director at CWAY Food and Beverages Nig. Co. Ltd, outlined the strategic objectives of the Nutri-Yo relaunch. These objectives include a targeted 20% incremental increase in sales volume compared to 2023, ensuring a minimum delivery of 8 million packs of Nutri-Yo nationwide in 2024.

Akinrimisi emphasized, “We aim to elevate Nutri-Yo to a premium status brand, foster brand awareness, stimulate repeat purchases, and enhance loyalty. The revitalized brand will maintain the familiar 500ml, 400ml, and 125ml sizes, assuring consumers that the taste they love remains unchanged while benefiting from a more fortified formulation with extra vitamins.”

Jennifer Egbuonu, Brand Manager for Nutri-Yo, assured consumers of the brand’s commitment to family-friendly, high-quality products. She stated, “Nutri-Yo has consistently been at the forefront of delivering quality, taste, and excellence since entering the Nigerian market in 2018. Our reimagined, fortified brand ensures a healthier consumption experience.”

Senior Regional Sales Manager, Ifuoma, addressed pricing concerns, affirming Nutri-Yo’s commitment to maintaining affordability. “As a brand, we remain dedicated to providing pocket-friendly pricing to our consumers. Our distributors will also receive the necessary support to ensure seamless product availability for retailers and consumers alike.”

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