Yalo Seals Strategic Partnership With FBRA, SBC With A Successful Launch In Nigeria


Yalo, a leading conversational AI platform, has officially launched in Nigeria through its partnership with the Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) and Seven-Up Bottling Company Plc.

The launch event took place recently in Lagos, Nigeria, marking a significant milestone in reshaping the country’s recycling market through the integration of artificial intelligence and community engagement aimed at achieving environmental sustainability.

The partnership between Yalo, FBRA, and SBC seeks to redefine how Nigerians perceive waste management, recycling, and environmental sustainability.

During the launch event, Manuel Centeno, Yalo’s North Latam, Africa, Middle East and Europe Sales VP, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and the potential impact on Nigeria’s environmental landscape. He stated, “We are glad to officially launch in Nigeria through our partnership with the Food and Beverage Alliance and 7-Up Bottling Company to promote a greener Nigeria. We believe that artificial intelligence is a necessity in today’s world and a catalyst for positive change, which is why we created our AI platform to create conversational solutions facilitating communication, information dissemination, and engagement. We look forward to the transformative impact of this launch regarding waste management, recycling and sustainability in Nigeria.”

Centeno highlighted the transformative potential of Yalo’s AI platform in waste management, recycling, and sustainability in Nigeria. Their conversational channel over WhatsApp, ‘Lapi’, aims to empower small stores, facilitate the collection and recycling of used plastic, and promote sustainability. Additionally, it introduces a reward system that fosters a circular economy, benefiting both the environment and the local economy.

Agharese Lucia Onaghise, Executive Director of the Food and Beverage Alliance, emphasised the FBRA’s commitment to educating local communities about recycling practices and encouraging active participation in environmental conservation.

“Since the FBRA vision started in 2018, we’ve always been motivated by the desire to leave the environment better than we met it. This collaboration is a huge step in the right direction as it further cements the conviction we have for pioneering proper waste management practices and actively building a greener, more sustainable Nigeria,” said Arese.

Ziad Maalouf, Managing Director of Seven-Up Bottling Company, underscored the importance of supporting the partnership with Yalo. He stated, “We are proud to support the FBRA in the partnership with Yalo. Sustainability remains one of our core values, and we are taking meaningful steps to minimise our environmental impact. Together, we will inspire communities to take up responsible waste management practices, creating a lasting impact on our planet.”

The collaboration between Yalo, FBRA, and SBC represents a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future in Nigeria. Yalo’s AI platform aims to empower Nigerians to become agents of change with just one message.

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