Airtel Africa Expands Partnership With IHS Towers


Airtel Africa is expanding its partnership with IHS Nigeria through its subsidiary Airtel Nigeria to take 3,950 tenancies over the next five years.

According to Airtel Nigeria, the majority of these are expected over 2024/2025 and the term of existing tenancies covering approximately 6,000 tenancies has been extended until 2031.

The agreement includes 2,500 colocations in addition to 5G amendments and build-to-suit sites to be owned and operated by IHS Nigeria.

Commenting on the extended partnership, Sam Darwish, Chairman and CEO of IHS Towers said, “The expansion and renewal of our relationship with Airtel Nigeria is a testament to our continued commitment to serving our customers and the connectivity demands of Africa.

“Airtel Nigeria, as well as Airtel Africa who we serve in other markets in Africa, has been a long-term partner of IHS, and I am delighted that we continue to strengthen our collaboration to help facilitate mobile connectivity in our largest market, supporting our customers in rolling out new sites throughout Nigeria.”

In line with Airtel Africa’s sustainability strategy launched in October 2021, and IHS Towers’ plans to pursue its Carbon Reduction Roadmap aimed at reducing IHS Towers’ intensity metric by 50% by 2030, both companies have agreed to cooperate on new green initiatives on the collective sites going forward.

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