Henry Ononiwu Assumes New Role As Chief Marketing Officer At PHD Nigeria


Business growth strategist, Henry Ononiwu has been elevated to the position of Chief Marketing Officer, (CMO) of PHD Nigeria, a growth-focused media agency driven by innovation and creativity.

While announcing his new position on his LinkedIn page, he wrote “I’m happy to share that I’m starting a new position as Chief Marketing Officer at PHD Nigeria”

With over 15 years of diverse experience across various sectos, Henry is known for his proven track record, the marketing professional has also excelled in creating and implementing growth strategies. His expertise includes business development, market penetration, expansion, contract negotiations, account management, and resource management.

Henry is distinguished as a business growth strategist who forges robust client relationships and partnerships based on trust. An executive with an entrepreneurial spirit, he has a history of leading companies to growth and market differentiation. His accomplishments include generating new business opportunities and cultivating lucrative partnerships

Prior to his new position, he served as the Head of New Business, Projects & Partnerships for the same company. In this capacity, Henry played a pivotal role in overseeing new business growth, managing partnerships, and leading projects for Nigeria, with additional oversight functions in some markets across West & Central Africa.

He was also Manager, Business Development at PHD Nigeria with the responsibility of orchestrating the agency team and resources to craft a coherent, compelling vision for a clients’ business.

Other places he has worked include; Advanta Interactive, Matrixvtrack Nigeria, Emzor Pharmaceutical, and Poised Nigeria.

Henry is an alumnus of the Lagos Business School. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History & Strategic Studies from the University of Lagos.

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