Experts Canvass On Role Of Women In Driving Innovation, Progress At WIA


In the dynamic landscape of marketing communications, the spotlight increasingly shines on the crucial role of women in driving innovation, creativity, and progress. Recently, a gathering of industry leaders convened to explore the pivotal theme of inclusion within the Women in Advertising (WIA) community.

Spearheaded by Oluwaseyi Layade, Chairman of WIA, the session showcased compelling insights and impassioned discussions, underscoring the imperative of creating an inclusive environment where women can thrive.

The keynote address, delivered by Mr. Lanre Adisa, MD of Noah’s Ark set the tone for the discourse. Speaking on behalf of the president, Steve Babaeko, Mr. Adisa commenced with heartfelt commendations to the founding mothers of Women in Advertising, recognizing their pioneering efforts in paving the way for gender equality in the industry.

However, he also acknowledged the persistent barriers hindering women’s advancement, including challenges in career growth trajectories. To tackle these barriers, Mr. Adisa proposed solutions such as annual conferences dedicated to addressing gender disparities, promoting female mentorship, and fostering supportive workplace environments.

The panel discussion, skillfully moderated by Temitope Ayeni, Director of Brands and Strategy, provided a platform for diverse perspectives to converge. From personal narratives to organizational strategies, the speakers illuminated the multifaceted nature of inclusion within the advertising industry.

One poignant moment came from Tosin Adefeko, Managing Director of A3T, who shared her personal journey of inclusion.

For Tosin, inclusion transcends professional realms; it becomes a deeply ingrained part of one’s identity. Her story resonated deeply, shedding light on the profound impact of inclusion beyond the workplace.

Tolu Medebem, President of EXMAN, offered invaluable insights into balancing career progression with family responsibilities. Her candid account underscored the pivotal role of supportive workplaces in empowering women to achieve their professional aspirations.

Tolu’s emphasis on embracing opportunities echoed throughout the room, inspiring all present to seize the moment and strive for excellence.

Sola Adegborioye, Deputy Managing Director of Creative Zone, provided a glimpse into their organization’s inclusive culture, emphasizing their commitment to staff strength and management representation. The provision of a creche exemplified their dedication to supporting employees with families, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

Tola Obi, Managing Director of Centrespread, addressed systemic challenges facing women in the workplace, from the gender pay gap to hiring practices. Her organization’s proactive measures, such as paid maternity leave, underscored the importance of tangible support for working mothers.

Tola’s call for evolved hiring practices resonated, signaling a collective commitment to fostering inclusivity and equality.

Joshua Ajayi, Managing Director of Awesome Communication, shared the inspiring journey of WIMCAR, a platform dedicated to celebrating women breaking barriers in the industry.

His remarks underscored the importance of recognizing and amplifying the achievements of women, paving the way for greater representation and empowerment.

In closing, Oluwaseyi Layade reiterated the intersectionality of inclusion, emphasizing the value of diverse perspectives and voices. “Our differences make life colorful,” she remarked, encapsulating the essence of true inclusion. As the industry marches forward, let us heed the call for collaboration, unity, and unwavering support, championing the strength and resilience of women in advertising.

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