Starcom Media Perspectives Wins Spotify’s Media Account In Nigeria


After an extensive global and local market media review spanning several months, the world’s renowned streaming service Spotify has announced the selection of Publicis Media to manage its media account. As part of this decision, Starcom Media Perspectives, a component of Publicis Media network, will manage Spotify’s media account within the Nigerian market.

The significance of this development is underscored by the substantial value associated with the global account, estimated at a staggering $240 million. This move comes after a prolonged tenure with IPG Mediabrands’ UM, which had overseen Spotify’s media activities for a notable seven-year period until a review was initiated in 2023.

The competitive landscape of the global review narrowed down to two prominent global media networks: Omnicom, represented in Nigeria by MediaReach OMD, and Publicis Media, represented by Starcom Media Perspectives. Following an arduous contest spanning months, Publicis Media emerged triumphant, securing Spotify’s media account both globally and within Nigeria, where Starcom Media Perspectives will be entrusted with managing the media account.

One of the pivotal factors contributing to Publicis Media’s victory was the establishment of a specialized team, Publicis OneVibe, dedicated to meeting Spotify’s unique requirements. This bespoke unit is a testament to the Network’s’ commitment to providing bespoke solutions, leveraging talents from across Publicis Media’s agencies to fulfill Spotify’s diverse media needs.

This media win does not only highlight Starcom Media Perspectives capabilities but also reaffirms its position as a leader in the media independent industry in Nigeria. Starcom Media Perspectives is a digital-first integrated media solutions company renowned for its best-in-market strategy and execution excellence, delivering distinctive outcomes for clients’ businesses.

Some of the global and local clients of Starcom Media Perspectives includes but not limited to Mondelez, VISA, Samsung, Haleon, Meta, ARM Group, Union Bank, TGI Group and Leadway Assurance. A tribe of transformational and dynamic professionals with both local and global perspectives, who will continue to set industry benchmarks for innovation and multi-dimensional collaborations.

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