Elev8 Media Unveils “8 Wonders Of Osborne” In Lagos


Elev8 Media, a leading provider of innovative Out-of-Home advertising solutions, has launched the “8 Wonders of Osborne”, a premier advertising opportunity in Lagos. It is a captivating series of static billboards strategically positioned along Osborne Road in Lagos.

According to the company, each billboard is a dimension of 15 meters wide by 3 meters high and offers unparalleled visibility and impact, ensuring maximum exposure for brands and services seeking to capture the attention of Lagos’ vibrant audience.

Commenting on “8 Wonders of Osborne”, Funmilade Alalade, the CEO of Elev8 Media said, “8 Wonders of Osborne represents more than just static billboards; it’s a gateway to unparalleled visibility, brand recognition, and success in the heart of Lagos. Don’t miss your chance to elevate your brand to new heights with “8 Wonders of Osborne.”

Situated along one of Lagos’ most frequented thoroughfares, Osborne Road, these billboards expectedly command attention from vehicular traffic, ensuring messages reach a wide and diverse audience.

Spanning an expansive 15 meters in width and standing 3 meters tall, Alalade explains that the billboards provide ample space for creative advertising campaigns to shine and make a lasting impression.

According to the Elev8 Media boss, the advert has unrivalled visibility, he said, “Whether day or night, rain or shine, our state-of-the-art billboards are strategically positioned guaranteeing your message remains front and centre, 24/7.”

He added, “With only eight billboards available in this premium location, advertisers have the unique opportunity to stand out amidst the clutter and position their brand as a leader in their respective industry. At Elev8 Media, we understand that every brand is unique. That’s why we offer customized advertising packages designed to meet your specific goals and budget, ensuring maximum ROI for your advertising investment.”

Elev8 Media is a leading advocate for community welfare, he said that the “8 Wonders of Osborne” isn’t just about advertising; it’s about engaging with the local community. “Through strategic partnerships and community initiatives, advertisers can enhance their brand’s image and connect with consumers on a deeper level.”

Speaking on the Data-Driven Insights capabilities of the advertising opportunity in Lagos, he said, “Elev8 Media harnesses the power of data analytics to provide advertisers with valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. Through audience profiling and campaign performance tracking, advertisers can refine their strategies, optimize their messaging, and maximize their return on investment. With “8 Wonders of Osborne, you don’t just advertise, you strategize for success.”

With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Elev8 Media has established itself as a trusted partner for advertisers looking to make an impact.

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