FCCPC’s Collaborative Campaign With X3M Ideas Wins Multiple Awards At Pitchers


The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s (FCCPC) collaborative campaign with X3M Ideas Limited has been recognized with several awards at the recent Pitchers Awards.

The campaign which was tagged ‘Don’t Burn Their Future’ was part of the commission’s effort to ensure a healthier future for Nigerian youths and to combat the growing consumption of tobacco products among them.

For its Use of Media (Channel); Use of Insights and Strategy, the campaign won two GOLDs. For its Integrated Campaigns; Outdoor Ambient and Installations; Use of Integrated Media; Non-Profit Organizations; and Integrated Campaigns it won four SILVERs. It also got two Bronzes for its Use of Music and Outdoor Billboards and Posters.

According to the regulatory body, the country could no longer tolerate the devastating consequences of tobacco consumption on the youths, who no doubt constitute the most productive component of a nation’s population, and, by extension, the far-reaching consequences of the tobacco industry on economic growth, social development, and national productivity.

Speaking at the launch, the Acting Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of FCCPC, Adamu Abdullahi, said despite the commitment to the signing and ratification of global initiatives as well as the enactment of comprehensive national legislation, the tobacco epidemic has become a significant contributor to preventable health issues, affecting both urban and rural communities as well as the economically productive population.

“As gathered, “The “Don’t Burn Their Future” campaign is aimed at informing youths about the risks associated with youth tobacco use and, in the same vein, highlighting the need for preventive measures to discourage early initiation into smoking.

“The initiative will engage various segments of society, including tobacco smokers, non-smoking adults, families, and retailers. By enlisting retailers as agents of change and strictly verifying the age of those seeking tobacco products, the campaign aims to create a tobacco-free environment and fulfil Nigeria’s obligations under international agreements.”

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